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Religious Moderation Creates an Attitude of Tolerance


By: Muhammad Zaki)*

Religious Moderation is believed to be able to foster tolerance among religious communities. With religious tolerance and moderation, the nation’s pluralism will still be able to be maintained.

Recently, there has been an issue raised by radical groups, in which a difference has been exaggerated. When there are celebrations for other people’s holidays, there will be a sense of anxiety. Security has also been tightened. Radicalism destroys social order in Indonesia by eradicating tolerance.

In fact, since the beginning, we have never had a problem with differences, because since the era of independence, Indonesia has indeed consisted of many ethnic groups, but still has diversity in diversity. The differences in question become large because they continue to be fried, and this is troubling because it can break unity.

To unite the differences because of the actions of radical groups, then we must practice tolerance everywhere. Tolerance is the key to unity, because when you understand that there are many differences, you won’t make a big deal about it. Since elementary school we have been taught how to be tolerant, and when we graduate, we are obliged to implement it.

Religious tolerance is mandatory because in Indonesia there are 6 beliefs that are recognized by the government. We do not live in a khilaiyah country, but pluralist. If there are several beliefs then each ummah must understand that these differences are not to be contradicted, but must be mutually respected. Tolerance was not only promulgated in the New Order era, but also into the reform era and beyond.

If you are tolerant, then every December no one gets angry and does sweeping, and forces the cashiers to take off their Santa Claus hats. Everyone understands that the red and green trinkets are natural because they are approaching their holiday. Don’t even get angry because someone is happy.

On the other hand, during Eid, people with other beliefs also respect it by congratulating them, even if they don’t celebrate. There are even those who are willing to stand guard in front of the mosque even though it is not Eid. This is a manifestation of the beautiful tolerance, which unites Indonesia.

To be tolerant, there needs to be religious moderation, because only with religious moderation can people carry out religious worship and rituals in a balanced way, without having to go to the left or to the right. Religious moderation is not just having a religion, but realizing that having good relations with fellow human beings is also rewarding, not only obeying God.

If all Indonesian citizens understand religious moderation, they will not be too fanatical or extreme right. Everything should not be excessive, including religious fanaticism. The reason is that if you are too fanatical, you will be easily offended by differences, even though in Indonesia there are 6 beliefs that are recognized by the state, so it is natural that there are many differences in society.

When a difference is too contradicted it will be very dangerous because it can damage national unity. We certainly don’t want this country to be destroyed like in Syria or Afghanistan. Don’t worry about differences as long as they don’t mention SARA. The difference is actually beautiful and needs to be understood again that Indonesia consists of diversity, which is united in Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.

Religious moderation really needs to be made viral again to be more tolerant and at the same time dispel radicalism. Those who practice religious moderation are not only religious leaders and teachers, but also other members of the community. All practice it because religious moderation embodies tolerance in Indonesia.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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