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RKUHP Prioritizes the Existence of Religious Life


The Draft Criminal Code (RKHUP) regulates the Indonesian people to be orderly and not violate criminal law. In addition, this bill also prioritizes the existence of religious life and places it in a high position. A person found guilty of blasphemy will be sentenced to 5 years in prison.

The RKUHP is a bill that is currently popular because there are various changes in it. The public can read the additional articles in this bill because the draft has been widely circulated. They are waiting for the RKUHP to be formalized as a Criminal Code because it maintains peace in society and prioritizes the existence of religion in Indonesia.

The deputy chairman of the PBNU (Nahdatul Ulama Executive Board), Abu Rokhmad, stated that he appreciated the RKUHP, especially on the article on blasphemy. According to him, the existence of the article indicates that the legislators still attach importance to the existence of religion, people, and their symbols.

In the RKUHP there is an article regarding blasphemy and people who are proven to have committed blasphemy on social media will be sentenced to 5 years in prison. Blasphemy means incitement, hatred, and provocation so that other people commit hatred against a recognized religion in Indonesia. 

When there are PBNU administrators who are pro-RKUHP, especially the article on blasphemy, it indicates that the government really respects religions in Indonesia. The government recognizes 6 beliefs in Indonesia and no one should hate them, both in the real world and in cyberspace. The position of each religion is considered and there should be no insult to it.

The article on blasphemy is very important because in cyberspace there is an astonishing phenomenon, where there are individuals who openly insult a certain belief. He also invites others to commit insults. His actions certainly violated state and religious laws, and when he was sentenced to prison it was very natural for hurting people with other beliefs.

Indonesia is a pluralist country with Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity). When there are differences between religious communities, it should not be exaggerated. Before Indonesia’s independence, there were differences of belief among the people and they still lived in peace. Likewise now, Indonesia remains united even though the people have different beliefs.

Meanwhile, Member of Commission III of the DPR RI Asrul Sani expressed his support for the RKUHP. According to him, the RKUHP does not contradict the constitution, especially the article on blasphemy. This article does not violate freedom of expression.

In a sense, the blasphemy article prohibits people from insulting religion on social media. The freedom of the Indonesian people on social media is not curtailed. Instead, they are ordered to use social media more wisely, namely by adding networking and at the same time selling. Not by insulting religion and doing negative things that add to their sins and harm them because they are threatened with the RKUHP.

After the reformation era in 1998, Indonesia was hit by the euphoria of expressing opinions freely. Especially when social media is booming, many people use it to chatter and make statuses or tweets. But unfortunately this freedom is misused because it is used to insult other religions.

Therefore, the community fully supports the inauguration of the RKUHP into a new version of the Criminal Code. The goal is to make Indonesian citizens more orderly, both in the real world and in cyberspace. Even on social media, they are obliged to maintain decency and must not insult other religions.

Member of Commission III of the DPR RI, Taufiqulhadi, stated that the article on blasphemy in the RKUHP was made to protect all religions and their adherents in Indonesia. All Indonesian citizens will be protected. All parties want to protect all religious adherents, including minorities.

In a sense, in Indonesia there are 6 beliefs and some are still in the minority. However, even though they are a minority, they are still protected by the government, through the RKUHP. They will not be afraid when going to worship because it is protected by the security forces and also the government.

In the RKUHP there is an article that protects religious people, where people who disband religious gatherings or events can be imprisoned for 2 years. No one will dare to interfere with the worship of certain people because he will be afraid of being entangled in the articles in the RKUHP. 

Although religious events are not carried out in houses of worship, people can still carry them out. They are no longer afraid of the dissolution of the elements, because it is already protected by the RKUHP.

If the RKUHP has been promulgated as a Criminal Code, the blasphemy article will apply and will prohibit indiscriminate sweeping carried out by certain gangs. They will not be able to dissolve the worship of people with other beliefs, because they will be ensnared by the RKUHP.

The government made the RKUHP to protect the Indonesian people, especially in carrying out their worship and religious procedures. The article on blasphemy was made so that people’s lives were more orderly and mutually tolerant. There will be no attack or forced disbandment of a religious event, because it has been brought under control through the RKUHP. Indonesia will be more peaceful because of it.

By: Agung Priatna )* The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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