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RKUHP Protects Religious People


By: Saiful Anwar )*

The government recognizes 6 beliefs that exist in Indonesia and each person’s freedom is protected in carrying out their own worship. However, recently the potential for friction between religious communities has emerged, triggered by provocateurs and religious blasphemers. Therefore, the government is trying to prevent it by including an article prohibiting blasphemy in the Draft Criminal Code (RKUHP).

The RKUHP is a very important bill to be ratified immediately, because it will replace the position of the Criminal Code which is too old (more than 100 years). To follow the dynamics of the community and protect them from criminal crimes, there are many articles that have been added to the draft RKUHP. Among them is the article prohibiting blasphemy against religion.

In Article 302 of the RKUHP, it is stated that: Any person in public who: commits acts of a hostile nature, expresses hatred or hostility, or incites to commit hostility, violence, or discrimination against religion, belief, other people, groups, or groups on the basis of religion or belief in Indonesia shall be punished with imprisonment for a maximum of 5 years or a fine of category V.

Meanwhile, the next article regulates blasphemy through information technology. The perpetrator is sentenced to 2 years in prison. But if he also commits violence, the punishment will be more severe.

Blasphemers of religion should be severely punished because one of the objectives of the RKUHP is to protect religious people. They should feel comfortable to worship, and should not be insulted by others. The guarantee from the government through the RKUHP is very good because it protects Indonesian citizens to be fluent in carrying out their religious teachings.

Member of Commission II DPR RI Taufiqulhadi stated that the article on blasphemy in the RKUHP was solely formed to protect all religions and their adherents in Indonesia. All religions (recognized by the government) must be protected. This article is not discriminatory or multiple interpretations. Members of the Indonesian House of Representatives who participated in formulating the RKUHP have different beliefs, so there is no intention of protecting a particular religion.

In a sense, the article on blasphemy does not attack certain organizations or groups, because there is no mention of names in it. In fact, this article is very important to be included in the RKUHP, because it will protect the people from people who like to attack certain religions. Indonesia is a pluralist country so it must respect each other and also tolerate one another.

For example, when there are people who will welcome their feast day in December. There should be no raids on houses of worship which are usually carried out by certain individuals or mass organizations. They also should not be emotional when there is a Santa Claus image/statue because it is a typical ornament for the celebration. If they are determined to attack a place of worship, then the person is automatically ensnared in the RKUHP and must be sentenced to prison.

Then, blasphemy committed in cyberspace can also be ensnared by the RKUHP. The reason is that there are currently more and more uncivilized netizens who deliberately vilify people with other beliefs. He also deliberately provokes many people to do the same thing, and this is dangerous because it can cause division in society.

Therefore, the community is asked to continue to support the ratification of the RKUHP as soon as possible, because it will protect them from various negative things, including blasphemy/blasphemy. They will be protected from bullying or ridicule about their beliefs. It is also guaranteed that their worship is safe.

Every religion has its freedom to worship, including building houses of worship. No party should object when a new house of worship is built in an area. The government gives freedom to build houses of worship, as long as the documents are complete and valid.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Chair of the PBNU Legal Aid and Counseling Institute, Abu Rokhmad, stated that the article on blasphemy in the RKUHP had been formulated carefully so as not to harm the community. No cases will arise because of this article.

In a sense, the article on blasphemy is made as clear as possible and does not become a rubber article, or can ensnare innocent people. Law enforcers certainly understand this article and will not intentionally include innocent people.

The public need not be afraid of the blasphemy article in the RKUHP, if they have never or do not feel they are ridiculing or inciting to hate a certain religion. Likewise when in cyberspace, they never make strange statuses or offend certain people on social media.

The blasphemy article in the RKUHP is made to protect the community, not to make them suffer. If someone has acted and said good things, both in the real world and in cyberspace, then there is no need to be afraid of being involved in the blasphemy article in the RKUHP. They understand that religion is a private sphere and should not be shared on social media, let alone mocking people with other beliefs.

The RKUHP will protect the people so that they can carry out religious orders properly. The article prohibiting blasphemy will protect people from bullying or ridicule, both in the real world and in cyberspace. Society will be more peaceful because everyone respects each other, even though they have different beliefs.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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