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By : Rashka Pratama

World Health Organization (WHO) released a report related to the condition of Covid-19 every country in the world. One of them is Indonesia. In the WHO Indonesia Situation Report published June 10, 2020, one of the points mentioned about new normal. The Indonesian government is preparing a new normal scenario protocol on various lines. The Governor of DKI Jakarta extended the PSBB until the end of June and released a schedule to reopen economic activities during the first phase of the transition period. During this period, houses of worship will reopen with half the capacity, as well as offices, shops, restaurants, factories, retailers, as well as small and medium-sized businesses owned by the city. Non-market businesses in markets and shopping centers will be allowed to open in the third week of June. B

 An “emergency brake policy” will be put in place to stop reopening if the implementation of the health protocol fails and cases reappear. The doctor and hospital association is also preparing a new normal scenario. The scenario includes screening patients for Covid-19. In addition, limiting the number of patients, visitors, and procedures in health facilities by relying more on telemedicine. The Indonesian Hospital Association states that the protocol aims to minimize the risk of the Covid-19 outbreak in health care facilities. In addition, it also rebuilds patient confidence in visiting hospitals for purposes that are not related to Covid-19.

WHO’s new normal criteria support the Ministry of Health in reviewing provincial operational response plans for all 34 provinces. WHO also continues to support the government in the analysis of provincial data to assess epidemiological criteria to reduce large-scale social restrictions. According to WHO, there are non-negotiable measures to determine new normal, namely: rapid isolation from all suspected and confirmed cases of clinical care. appropriate for those affected by Covid-19 extensive contact tracing and quarantine all contacts at least 80 percent of new cases are tracked and their contacts are quarantined within 72 hours after confirmation of at least 80 percent of new case contacts being monitored for 14 days ensuring that people wash their hands frequently; wear masks in public and work places; and maintain a minimum physical distance of 1 meter from the others. Also read: Know Cordyceps Militaris, LIPI Herbal Medicines Tested on Covid-19 Patients  Meanwhile, what happened in Indonesia, reported in the situation report, the number of cases reported every day is not the same as the number of people infected with Covid-19 on that day. That’s because reporting laboratory confirmed results can take up to one week from testing. In addition to providing guidance on what needs to be met if Indonesia is to implement new normal, WHO also provides basic new normal protection measures for people. These steps are: frequently clean your hands with rubbing or soap and water-based alcohol avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth maintain physical distance, at least 1 meter from others leave home only for essential needs and if possible work from home if you leave the house, in public places and work places, wear a cloth mask (non-medical) Meanwhile, medical masks should be considered for vulnerable populations, ie people over 60 years old. People with underlying conditions (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic lung disease, cerebrovascular disease, cancer, and immunosuppression).

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