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RUU Cipta Kerja give Benefits for Workers


By: Zakaria) *
The Omnibus law The Job Creation Bill is the latest draft law that will change labor law. The workers will benefit from getting an annual bonus. The government has also guaranteed that this law can prosper the workers and not only benefit other parties.
Manpower regulations in Indonesia will be replaced by the omnibus law of the Job Creation Bill which is about to be inaugurated. There are several changes that have occurred, including the issue of minimum wages, annual bonuses, overtime duration, and others. All these changes were made to adapt to the times and improve the welfare of workers.
One of the changes in the Job Creation Bill is the existence of a large nominal annual bonus money from the company. If an employee works faithfully, he will get extra money. It can even reach 8 times his salary. The amount of the bonus depends on the length of service. So this can increase their motivation to work at the company.
Another change in the Job Creation Bill is the elimination of the UMK (city minimum wage) and replaced with the provincial minimum wage or the labor-intensive industry minimum wage. The governor determines the nominal wages. So the UMK is not completely abolished. The workers do not have to be afraid of being underpaid, because the governor also knows how much they need.
Hermasari Dharmabumi, a labor observer from Indonesian Consultant at Law, stated that the (changing) minimum wage will have a positive impact on several things. In that sense, if there is no UMK then it is no longer confusing, because the size is the same in 1 province. In one region it is estimated that the price of goods is the same, so the salary is the same.
Hermasari continued, the Job Creation Bill actually returned the goal of the minimum wage, namely as a safety net. That is, do not let senior workers get paid the minimum by the company. So hopefully everyone gets a decent pay. The public is expected not to get excited about the news about the elimination of MSEs that are ‘fried’ by fake media.
Workers need not be afraid of the Omnibus Law on the Work Creation Bill, because it is all for their welfare. After all, this bill does not 100% change the labor law. Workers’ rights to receive annual leave, marriage permits, etc. are still available. If it is violated, then just report it to the Manpower Office.
The personal rights of women workers, such as the right to breastfeed babies in the work area, maternity and maternity leave, and extended leave are also not removed. The government respects their rights and women workers can still carry out their nature as mothers and employees. The government will not take away this right because it violates human rights.
Workers are also expected to read the draft bill before being provoked into rejecting the draft law. No more demonstrations, because we are still in a pandemic era. Menkopolhukam Mahfud MD also stated that he is ready to have a dialogue with representatives of workers, to receive input and listen to their concerns.
In fact, the workers will benefit from the omnibus law, because there is a slack in investing in Indonesia. There will be many projects created by investors and that is an opportunity to get a new job with a higher salary. Or those who have been laid off due to the effects of the pandemic can apply for employment there.
The Omnibus Law The Job Creation Bill has never taken away the rights of workers. Instead, they benefit from the provision of annual bonuses and clear minimum wage rules. This bill, if passed into law, still gives women workers the right to annual leave, maternity and maternity leave, and permission to breastfeed in the office.

) * The author is a citizen living in Bogor

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