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RUU Cipta Kerja Gives Benefits Employees


The Omnibus law of the Cipta Karya Bill created a stir for the workers because it was considered detrimental. They protested because there was an article containing changing work days and hours and the UMK was replaced with a UMP. In fact, if it is further investigated, the Work Copyright Bill actually benefits workers. Because they get a large severance pay and annual bonus from the company.

President Joko Widodo has read the draft Cipta Karya Bill and issued a presidential decree to approve it. Unfortunately this bill was even opposed by many employees because it was considered detrimental. They consider that the Omnibus Law Work Draft Bill only benefits employers, even though employees and bosses are equally benefited.

Indeed there are some changes in regulations such as working days become mandatory 6 days, not 5 days. Employees no longer get menstruation leave like they used to. In fact, this leave is rarely used, because women workers feel ashamed, is the condition weak during menstruation? Historically, this leave was proposed by SOBSI, a pro-communist organization which had disbanded.

Another change in the Cipta Karya Bill is that there is no maximum duration for contracting employees. This was protested by workers, for fear of being a contract employee forever. Yet according to the Minister of Labor Ida Fauziah, the contracting process requires a lot of time and costs. So employees who have good performance will definitely be appointed.

The Work Creation Bill actually saved the employees. Because those who are fired will get severance pay, even if they work less than 1 year. The amount of severance pay starts from 1-9 times salary. They are also entitled to JKP (job loss guarantee) in the form of cash, training and placement facilities. The JKP facility is the right for workers holding BPJS.

Another article of the favorable Work Creation Bill is the existence of an annual bonus. Companies must give bonus money to each employee, the amount starting from a month’s salary to money worth a salary for 8 months. This bonus is given to employees who have faithfully worked for at least 3 years. This makes the employee smile, right?

As for salary matters, it is no longer determined by the central government. So the term city minimum wage is removed. The employees need not worry, because now the governor of the minimum salary is determined, and the term is changed to UMP (provincial minimum wage). The governor knows life in his area and what is a reasonable salary for workers.

Workers need not worry about the plan to ratify the Work Draft Bill. Because the government has seen that this draft is beneficial for them. So do not be carried away by emotions and take part in protests to the capital. Only because there is one article that they did not agree with. Even though the aim is good and the interpretation can be different.

Professor Muhammad Handry Imansyah, an economic observer from Lambung Mangkurat University stated that if there were workers who protested against the Cipta Karya Bill, did he know the exact contents? The contents of the article should be understood and read many times. If there are those who lead workers (for demonstrations), they are only good at lobbying and provoking them to oppose the government.

When there are workers who do not agree, then they must be asked. Are all the articles read and compared to the previous workers’ law? They may protest because they only read it at a glance. Even if he wants to voice his heart, it can be through dialogue to officials at the Ministry of Manpower to avoid miscommunication.

The Work Cipta Bill does not only benefit one party, but workers also benefit. The proof is they are entitled to severance pay, security guarantees, and annual bonuses from the company. Don’t be easily provoked and join in the demonstration. The contents of the Cipta Karya Bill should be understood thoroughly.

Zakaria, the writer is a citizen living in Bogor

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