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Safety Net for Cooking Oil Lightens the Community’s Burden


By: Astrid Julian )*

Bali talk.id| The government disbursed Direct Cash Assistance (BLT) for Cooking Oil to the public in response to the high level of this commodity. The BLT Cooking Oil policy has received appreciation from many parties because it is able to lighten the economic burden of the community.

The government immediately launched Cash Direct Assistance (BLT) as an effort to ease the burden on the community in the midst of stock shortages and also rising cooking oil prices, while on the other hand continued to carry out various strict controls to ensure the distribution of cooking oil in order to minimize the possibility of hoarders so that availability in the market returns. maintained and also prices can return to stability.

The news was initially conveyed by Oke Nurwan as Director General of Domestic Trade at the Ministry of Trade who stated that the Government had discussed a scheme to ease the burden on the community as long as it was suppressed by the increase in the price of cooking oil in the market. The scheme was discussed in a limited coordination meeting and has come to a final decision. He added that the final decision included many efforts to ease the burden on the community, one of which was the distribution of BLT.

Indeed, recently the price of cooking oil has increased due to a surge in prices for palm oil in the international market. Therefore, because the Government really cares about the welfare of the community, President Joko Widodo said directly that BLT was given to around 20.5 million families included in the Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT) and Hopeful Families (PKH) lists, including around 2.5 million families. million street vendors selling fried food have been prepared.

The government is very aware that the need for cooking oil is one of the staple ingredients that is very important for the food consumption of the Indonesian people. Moreover, by directly providing this BLT Cooking Oil to fried food sellers, it is hoped that this will be able to help relieve them so that they can continue to sell and continue to participate in driving the wheels of the MSME economy.

The community will receive assistance from the Government in the amount of IDR 100 thousand per month with a direct distribution mechanism at once for three months, namely April, May, June with an advance payment of IDR 300 thousand in April 2022. Regarding the distribution of the aid, the President immediately instructed the collaboration of several institutions such as the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Social Affairs to the TNI/Polri in order to ensure the implementation of the distribution of aid goes well.

Of course, to ensure that the distribution of BLT can be conveyed properly, it is not enough if it is only handled by one institution or ministry, therefore starting from the budget draft, then data on the targets of whom to be given assistance to supervision in the field to maintain order. distribution of aid is very important.

The solution that has been provided by the Government is a breakthrough with the aim that the community does not experience difficulties, especially during fasting such as in the current month of Ramadan, where cooking oil is a very important item to serve various kinds of menus starting from sahur. until breaking the fast.

Even so, said Hendrawan Supratikno as Chair of the PDI-Perjuangan DPP that there are additional solutions which he thinks will be able to help the BLT solution that has been provided by the Government. The solution is that the Government must continue to encourage and improve the current cooking oil market structure in Indonesia. How to continue to create a much more competitive climate.

Therefore, the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) must also be strengthened to ensure a competitive climate. For Hendrawan, the role of KPPU is very important to continue to maintain economic democracy in our country. Despite the Government’s efforts to continue to deal with problems in Indonesia, we should continue to support and continue to do the best we can. One of the things to lighten the burden and create stability between supply and demand for cooking oil in the market is to be wiser in shopping and not to do panic buying.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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