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Society Supports Vaccination and 5M Health Protocol Disciplines


By: Zakaria) *

The national vaccination program has been running since the beginning of 2021. People are asked to comply, because this is an important key in overcoming a pandemic. However, even though you have been injected with a vaccine, you must still comply with health protocols so you do not get infected with the malignancy of the corona .

When the Sinovac vaccine landed in Indonesia, the people were relieved because they would be injected and get additional immunity from corona . Moreover, when the vaccine is given by the government for free. It is easier for the community to get access to health more quickly.

The national vaccination program has started and prioritized is health workers, then workers in the public service sector , for example teachers, journalists, etc. The law of vaccination is mandatory, because if everyone is vaccinated, herd immunity will be established. We can be free from the status of a heartbreaking pandemic.

People are asked to obey and want to be injected with vaccines. Because the corona vaccine that has entered Indonesia is proven safe. President Jokowi proved it himself, because he was the first to be injected with the Sinovac vaccine . Post injection, no serious side effects were seen. Also after 1-2 months later, she didn’t show any symptoms after the injection.

Besides being safe, the corona vaccine is also guaranteed halal by MUI. The MUI provides a guarantee, because it has researched the halal and safety aspects of the Covid-19 vaccine, even when it was still being made in a lab in China. They do supervise from the start of manufacture to completion and after being tested again, it is proven to be halal. Because this vaccine does not contain pork gelatin or other non-halal ingredients.

If MUI has guaranteed it, will we still refuse vaccination? When it is lawful, it is haraam to refuse. Don’t fall for those annoying antivax people, who believe that all vaccines are dangerous. In fact, if the vaccine is not injected, it will be dangerous because it causes the body to be susceptible to corona .

After getting the vaccination, waiting for the next injection in about 2 weeks. When you have been vaccinated, is it 100% safe from corona ? The answer is not certain, if you are not disciplined in wearing a mask. This does not mean the quality of the vaccine ugly, because e fication of vaccine Sinovac reached more than 65%. But the corona vaccine functions to increase immunity.

Once vaccinated, it is still mandatory to adhere to health protocols. Not only 3M, but even 5M. Namely wearing a mask, maintaining a footprint, washing hands, avoiding crowds, and reducing mobility. All must be done without exception. Because currently the Covid-19 virus is increasingly virulent and mutating, therefore the 5M protocol improves post-vaccination protection.

Wearing a mask is still mandatory, because according to doctor Reisa Brotoasmoro , the effectiveness of wearing a new mask occurs when at least 75% of people wear it in one environment. If we are lazy to wear masks and are imitated by children and neighbors, what happens? Do you want to be hit by mass corona ?

Masks are still mandatory to wear even after vaccination. Because not everyone has been injected with the vaccine, so herd immunity has not been formed. Wear a mask according to WHO standards, namely cloth masks or disposable masks, which are easy to find even in minimarkets.

Also obey other health protocols such as washing your hands or using a hand sanitizer . While maintaining distance and avoiding crowds can be done at once, because we really shouldn’t be close to other people for a while. Also, you must avoid crowds, because who knows there is an OTG there. Also reduce mobility because it is proven that if there is mass movement, it will result in an increase in Covid patients .

Stay disciplined in adhering to health protocols and don’t tire of wearing masks. Even though the vaccine has been injected, prokes discipline is still mandatory. Because vaccination increases immunity, but the corona that is out there is increasingly mutating and ferocious.

) * The author is warganet lived in Bogor

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