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Special Autonomy Volume 2 Encourages the Progress of Millennials in Papua


Special autonomy volume 2 is fully supported by Papuan students and youth, because the special autonomy fund, which is a scholarship, greatly supports their education. The continuation of the special autonomy is highly anticipated because the younger generation will be smarter and get a proper education. Papuan sons will be taught entrepreneurial skills.
The year 2021 is a period that is eagerly awaited by all Papuan people, because there is an extension of special autonomy. The special autonomy program is a special concern of the central government, because it will bring progress in the land of paradise. The regional governments of Papua and West Papua are given trillions of funds to build infrastructure there.
The youth who joined the West Papua Student Alliance (APMB) held a peaceful demonstration to invite the people to support the extension of special autonomy. Rajid Patiran, chairman of APMB urged the government to continue the special autonomy program. he also asked President Jokowi to issue a Presidential Decree on special autonomy in Papua and West Papua.
The special autonomy budget is not only used to build bridges and roads, but there is an allotment of 25% for education. So the young Papuan generation gets scholarships up to college, so that they become smart students. Papuan sons who are undergraduate can apply for ASN or in mining companies, because they have a certificate from a bona fide campus.
Not only for formal education, but special autonomy funds are also used for vocational education. Skills improvement is very necessary, because the competition to become civil servants or private is also quite tight. So the Papuan youth can process and sell agricultural products, and make the best use of the natural resources of the paradise earth.
According to political observer Sujono HS, the special autonomy fund reaching 5.86 trillion could provide good opportunities for Papuan youth. Especially to improve skills. In that sense, when someone has skills, someone can open their own business and not panic when they have to lose their job. In fact, he opened job vacancies for other people.
An example is Paskalis Pigai, an entrepreneur in the field of photography and video. Paskalis hopes that the Papuan youth who have gone to school with special autonomy funds, so that they become professional entrepreneurs and don’t just hope to become ASN. If someone becomes a businessman, they can develop themselves more and the salary is also higher, when compared to the basic salary of ASN.
So when the Special Autonomy Volume 2 starts, don’t just focus on school buildings. But also pay attention to the curriculum. If you can start SMP and SMA, there will be skills and entrepreneurship lessons that are taught to students in Papua, as a provision for their future. If the class hours are not enough, it can be included in extra-curricular activities.
Skills and entrepreneurship education can also be provided through seminars or training. The participants are young Papuans who have graduated from high school and want to open their own businesses. They are taught to be skilled in managing business finance, online marketing, branding, MSME managerial methods, and others.
Special autonomy funds can be used to pay teachers or mentors who teach skills. It can also be considered as a working tool. For example, if what is being taught is how to process sago, then you buy an automatic sago grating machine. Students will learn how to manage crops, so that they can take advantage of the natural wealth in Papua.
Therefore, all Indonesian citizens are obliged to support the extension of special autonomy in Papua, because it is very beneficial. Not only for physical development, but also skills and entrepreneurship education. More and more business people in this paradise will manage agricultural products and are skilled at managing their own companies.

Sabby Kossay, the author is a Papuan student living in Yogyakarta

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