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Steps to Overcome Covid-19 Mutations, Here’s What You Need to Do


JAKARTA – Dr. Jaka Fatria Yudistira said that actually no one has the right moves in dealing with this pandemic, because this is a new virus so all countries try and try, just like humans, viruses also survive. Every time humans spread, this virus changes its appearance or mutates so that it is not recognized through antibodies.

“We are hunting for time, in the sense that if the vaccination is not optimal in a certain percentage of those who are vaccinated, the virus will spin around because within 3-6 months the condition of the human body has decreased antibodies, this is why now more people are infected. Why do so many health workers get it, if children don’t get it at first, we will talk about it later because there are many influencing factors,” said Dr. Jaka in the ICF TV CHANNEL Podcast which aired on Tuesday (21/7/2021) .

Dr. Jaka said that because the current viral mutation is higher than before, the vaccination also has efficacy, for example the delta variant from England. This means that there must be more extra efforts than before in implementing health protocols.

“Why is the increase now higher than before because the factor is that the community is negligent in implementing health protocols and tends to ignore it. At first we wore gloves everywhere, then always carried a hand sanitiser, strictly wore masks,” said the pathologist at Abdul Rajak Hospital, Salemba, Jakarta.

Dr. Jaka reminded the public that what is more important is that it is permissible to self-isolate when contracting Covid-19 but must have mild symptoms, such as fever and small coughs on condition that there is an oscimeter, then the normal level is above 40 percent. If you are below, you must be alert or warning, get ready to look for a hospital.

“When you are at home, what you have to do is rest and have enough nutritious food, prepare vitamins C and D for immunity. It should also be remembered that if there is a fever, take paracetamol, if there is a cough, take cough medicine, and finally, take anti-virus, “he explained.

Still according to Dr. Jaka, in maintaining immunity, one must still think positively and believe in the efforts and efforts made by the government in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, such as the Emergency PPKM which was later extended to limit the movement of people. Therefore, Dr. Jaka once asked the public to remain obedient and not neglect to apply health protocols so as to reduce the number of exposure to Covid-19 with the mutation of the virus.

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