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Strengthen Adaptation of New Normal to Prevent Covid-19


By: Edi Jatmiko) *

The term new normal is changed to adapt to new habits so that people are more aware of maintaining hygiene. Because the pandemic is still not over, even Covid-19 can spread through airborne. So we still have to wear masks and adhere to health protocols, like in the early days of a pandemic.

Achmad Yurianto, the government spokesman for handling Covid-19 stated that the government is changing the term new normal to ‘adaptation of new habits. This change was made because people misunderstood and only read the word ‘normal’, so it was thought that the situation was normal, even though the pandemic was still valid.

Yuri added that the community should remain disciplined in complying with health protocols, such as when the Covid-19 attack began in Indonesia. The government is constantly campaigning to diligently wash hands or use hand sanitizers, wear masks, and keep a distance. Also suggested that the community maintain health and environmental immunity.

Adaptation of new habits means trying to live productively despite the covid-19 virus in Indonesia. We live side by side with Covid-19 and work again outside the home, and remain in compliance with the health protocol. Because this virus will not spread when humans are healthy. So new normal is not back to normal and does not follow health regulations.

The confusion of the term new normal makes people take off their masks and start traveling again as usual, even traveling out of town. Though this is dangerous because the covid-19 virus is currently mutating so that it can be transmitted through the air, not through droplets as before. So the only protection is to wear a cloth mask.

We are also still required to maintain distance (physical distancing). In this era of adaptation to this new habit, public vehicles must not be fully loaded, and there are seats that are crossed so that they are not occupied. In public places like banks and hospitals it is also like that. The cross mark as a barrier and don’t even sit next to one chair.

During this adaptation to new habits, schools can begin to open. But with several conditions, namely its location in the green zone. What can be opened is also at the high school and junior high levels, because elementary and kindergartners are still prone to contracting Covid-19. Students do not come every day, only 2 to 3 times a week and the rest with online learning at home.

During the adaptation of new habits, the market also reopened. However, on the condition that traders and buyers must wear masks, and hand sanitizers are provided. Likewise with people around the market, such as parking attendants, street vendors, also have to wear cloth masks. Because the spread of Covid-19 can also occur through banknotes, in addition to via droplets.

In the market also often held rapid tests to find out if there is a positive Covid-19. Because now many OTG alias people without symptoms who do not have a fever and cough, it turns out when tested, the result is covid-19 infection. When a trader hits Covid-19, he is immediately treated, the market is temporarily closed, and sprayed with disinfectant liquid.

The shopping center was also reopened but before entering it was necessary to wash hands and check its temperature. In the supermarket, the number of visitors is also limited in order to remain in compliance with the rules of distance. Buyers who will enter but do not wear masks are immediately told to go home. Payment also uses non-cash alias uses digital money.

Adaptation of new habits replaces the term new normal so that people are not confused with the word ‘normal’. The government always campaigns to live cleanly and comply with health protocols, and don’t forget to wear a mask. Because now Covid-19 is more violent and can be transmitted through the air, so the community must remain vigilant.

) * Active writer in the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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