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Strict Actions by Weapons Supply Persons for KST Papua


By : Moses Waker )*

The Terrorist Separatist Group (KST) has become a disturbance of peace, especially in the Land of Papua. The group often acts brutally to death. They also do not hesitate to damage public facilities which are assistance from the central government.

Member of Commission I DPR RI for Defense, Yan P Mandenas requested that the chain of supply of firearms and ammunition to KST be cut. He believes that KST’s terror will decrease if this can be resolved.

          This shows that KST has dared to seek supplies of firearms and ammunition. Of course Indonesia’s intelligence capabilities must be sensitive to this issue.

          He considered that the number of firearms used by KST to carry out terror was insignificant when compared to the TNI and Polri officers in Papua. However, no matter how much they have, people still fear their existence.

          So the security forces need to detect where their budget to buy firearms comes from. Although it is no longer a secret, sometimes this group is ridden by one or two persons to make their wishes come true. This is what needs to be revealed.

          Yan Mandenas also added that the TNI and Polri apparatus would no longer be tempted by the persuasion of KST intellectual actors to sell weapons and ammunition. He said this was because there were still members of the TNI and Polri who carried out ammunition buying and selling transactions with this group.

          Of course, do not be seen from the economic value. But think that 1 ammo can kill his own comrades.

          This mitigation certainly has to be done from the leadership level. As well as supervision of the use of firearms and ammunition needs to be tightened. Without any ammunition, no matter how many KST weapons, the terror will definitely be minimal.

          The government needs to make strategic efforts to break the supply chain of weapons and ammunition. Communities and village officials living in conflict areas will always be in a difficult position. They have to make risky choices, where if they are considered too pro towards the Republic of Indonesia and participate in hunting down KST members, KST will definitely be considered as enemies.

          The opposite also happens, if those who live in conflict-prone areas are too passive or seem to be helping KST, of course this will come under pressure from the Indonesian security forces.

          On the previous occasion, Khairul Saleh as Deputy Chairman of Commission III DPR RI asked the National Police to thoroughly investigate the network of police officers who were suspected of selling ammunition to KST.

          He said that the police were obliged to thoroughly investigate this treasonous network so that they dared to give up their honor as state apparatus by helping the KST.

          Saleh said the arrest and determination of the two police officers certainly deserved appreciation as a quick step by the Police, especially the National Police Chief, to ward off public doubts about the performance of the apparatus in dealing with KST in Papua.      

          He considered that the National Police must make every effort so that the incident that made the public concerned does not happen again.

MPR chairman Bambang Soesatyo asked the police to continue investigating the network for the supply of firearms and ammunition to the Armed Separatist Criminal Group (KST) in Puncak Jaya, Papua.

          He admitted that he appreciated the performance of the Nemangkawi Ops Task Force which succeeded in securing the suspected perpetrators of selling guns and ammunition to KST, and asked the authorities to continue investigating so that the background and intellectual actors behind it were known and took firm action against the perpetrators in accordance with the applicable positive law.

          It is imperative to deepen the network of sellers of firearms and ammunition, including digging up information ranging from the source of funds to the activity of sending money to buy weapons and ammunition from the suspected perpetrators.

          The government, he continued, must be committed to breaking the supply chain starting from the flow of funds and firearms. This aims to narrow the space for movement as well as prevent the recurrence of acts of armed terror committed by KST, as well as provide a sense of security to the public.

          Meanwhile, previously in 2020, the Papuan Police Chief at that time, Inspector General of Police Paulus Waterpauw, said that a Brimob member with the initials Bripka JH had to be secured by a joint team of TNI and Polri. The arrest was made because Bripa JH was involved in buying and selling illegal firearms in Papua.

          Paulus suspected that the weapons being traded would be used by KST to disrupt public security and order.

          From the person concerned, his party managed to secure two assault rifles of the M-16 and M4 types which were to be traded. It is suspected that the perpetrator has repeatedly run the business of buying and selling illegal weapons to KST.

          The government and apparatus are obliged to provide strict consequences for the persons involved in the supply of weapons for the KKB, this clearly shows that the persons involved have betrayed the nation and the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Gorontalo

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