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Strict Punishment for Violating Health Protocols


Some elements in the community sometimes act annoying. They want the pandemic to end but don’t want to comply with health protocols. Violators should remember the sanctions and fines that await when caught violating. In order to be more orderly and disciplined in adhering to health protocols.

How are Indonesia after experiencing a pandemic for 8 months? The number of corona patients has increased to 5,000 people per day. Sadly, this happens because people lack discipline in implementing health protocols. Indeed, many have worn masks, but sometimes forget to wear them again after eating at the stall. Or just wear it when there is a raid.

If a road user does not use a maker, he will be fined 100,000-150,000 rupiah, depending on the area. Because the mayor determines the amount. When he has no money, he can choose social punishment in the form of cleaning roads or markets. In order to give up and no longer be lazy to wear masks.

Social penalties also vary from region to region. In Mataram, there are health protocol violators who have to sweep the sewers. Meanwhile in East Jakarta the sanctions are rather extreme, violators must be put in a coffin to reflect on their mistakes. In the Tanah Abang area, Central Jakarta, the social punishment is painting the sidewalk divider on Jl KS Tubun.

Some people also insist on holding weddings or events that invite large numbers of people. Everything is done only because of prestige or pursuing profits from the envelope of the guests. They seem to forget that it is still a pandemic. Even though the rule is that there are a maximum of 30 guests at the ceremony, including their own families.

When there is a crowd event like this then the covid task force team and the authorities are disbanded, don’t get angry and blame the government. Because they are just doing their job. The party, even though the bride had a mask, was proven to have violated physical distancing. So it’s natural to stop it, so that they understand the rules during a pandemic.

There is also a fine that must be paid by the event organizer with a maximum of 50 million rupiah. The fine is progressive, meaning an offender is obliged to pay up to two times as much if found not complying with health protocols a second time. The amount of fines was very large, but it was intended as a deterrent effect, so that he really gave up.

The large and progressive fines are not for cruelty and oppression of the people, but to obey the rules. Imagine if the event was not dissolved and a new corona cluster was formed, how many victims would have to be hospitalized? His medical expenses are also very high, far more than the fines paid, if he does not have a BPJS.

In addition, if you have money you cannot immediately enter the hospital. It could be that patients are ordered to be outpatient and self-isolate for 14 days, because all rooms in the hospital are filled with corona patients. Even though home care can be less intensive. Especially when you are not disciplined during independent isolation, your body can drop and your life is threatened with death.

Don’t be selfish and lazy to wear masks, and insist on having big parties. Because of the 2 palanggarna, it can take dozens of casualties. Love the life of your family and don’t let a new corona cluster happen because of a wedding party.

Remember that this is still a very concerning pandemic. Everyone should understand and obey health protocols, wear masks, wash their hands, bring hand sanitizers, and avoid crowds. Because if everyone is disciplined, corona transmission will not occur, and the covid-19 pandemic will end soon.

By: Edi Jatmiko) * The author is active in Youth Care for the Nation

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