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Students Need to Actively Guard BBM Social Assistance


By: Hendra Gunawan)*

The government is trying its best to distribute social assistance as compensation for fuel price adjustments to the community. This process needs to be closely monitored, including from students, so that social assistance can really be accepted by people in need.

The fuel price adjustment made the government shift the subsidy into Bansos (direct cash assistance). Social assistance will be given to the poor in the amount of 600,000 rupiah and distributed via the Post Office. There are 2 million Indonesian citizens who are entitled to it and can be used to meet their daily needs.

Chairman of the Student Executive Board (BEM) Nusantara, Ahmad Supardi said BEM Nusantara will oversee the subsidies provided by the government to the community. Solutions from the government must be guarded so that they are right on target and avoid illegal fees.  

In a sense, BEM as a student mover will continue to encourage other students to supervise the distribution of the BBM Social Assistance. Is it really enjoyed by the little people, or is it misused by corruptors? The reason is because the affected people must be assisted and do not let their rights be eaten by irresponsible corruptors.

The loophole for the evasion of the Social Assistance BBM must be blocked so that there is no KKN (corruption, collusion, and nepotism) in Indonesia. Students supervise by monitoring whether the distribution of social assistance fuel to the people at the Post Office is in accordance with the promised nominal, which is 600,000 rupiah. The social assistance for BBM is very useful and no one should have the heart to quote it because it will only increase the suffering of the people.

Corruption can be carried out by unscrupulous persons on the grounds that people who will take the Social Assistance BBM must pay administrative costs. Even though there is no such provision because the Social Assistance is 100% given to the people and there is no discount whatsoever. Good for administration, taxes, or something else.

It is possible that an unscrupulous person can help collect the Social Security Fund funds at the Post Office and represent the citizens with a photocopy of their ID card and a power of attorney stamped. Even though he had bad intentions and would cut the funds. The reason is transportation and administrative costs.

However, it is not permissible to cut social assistance funds. Even though for example the levy is only 20,000 rupiah, but if it is totaled from 50 people, it will be 1 million rupiah. The cunning of the unscrupulous elements must be eliminated so that the people will receive the full social assistance funds for BBM, and not be fooled by them.

If there are individuals who have the heart to commit corruption, the students will immediately report them, so that they can be arrested and must be held accountable for their actions in prison. Do not let the memory of the New Order repeat itself. Where KKN is very disturbing and troublesome for the little people. Therefore, the slightest potential for extortion (illegal levies) must be removed.

The students also keep the atmosphere conducive. In a sense, if there are families of individuals who strongly protest and justify their actions, the students will set the record straight. KKN must be abolished in this country and no one should be able to defend the actions of corruptors who are very despicable, because they have a thief mentality.

In addition, students also held socialization, especially on social media because the scope was much wider. They can create content regarding the schedule for taking the Social Assistance BBM, the conditions for obtaining it, how to check whether or not they receive assistance, the nominal amount of the social assistance money, and so on.

With this socialization, it will reduce the potential for fraud, because the people understand that the BBM Bansos must be taken alone and if it is represented it will be very dangerous. The reason is because the person who took it could have done corruption. On the grounds that he needed transportation costs and administration was imposed. In fact, there are no additional costs because the social assistance is purely to help the people in meeting their needs.

BEM Nusantara also invites the public to also oversee the social assistance for BBM so that it is right on target. If there are people who are proven capable but receive social assistance, they can be reported to the village head or sub-district head. The reason is that social assistance funds should be given to small people, not to people belonging to the middle or upper middle class.

Indonesian people can also socialize the BBM Social Assistance, for example through WA groups, forums, or when a meeting is held at the Village Hall. With the socialization, more people will understand why fuel prices have been adjusted, because world crude oil prices are also fluctuating. As compensation, the government provides a special BBM Bansos to the affected people.

The provision of social assistance must be escorted by students as agents of change and supervisors of democracy in Indonesia. If there is an escort for the distribution of the Bansos BBM funds from students and the community, it is certain that no person will dare to evade the Social Assistance fund. This positive action will certainly be much more beneficial than holding a demonstration that is driven by interest groups.

)* The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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