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Support Acceleration of Development for the sake of G20 and ASEAN Summit


By: Tiara Andayani )*

The government issued regulations to accelerate development in various parts of Indonesia. This effort is one of the Government’s steps to make the ASEAN Summit and G20 a success which will be held in Indonesia.
President Joko Widodo signed a Presidential Regulation (Perpres) which regulates the acceleration of development in DKI Jakarta to East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) which will host international events such as the G20 Presidency to the ASEAN Summit. For the ASEAN Summit itself, the acceleration of development is focused on the Mandalika Region. Including renovation of infrastructure to facilities at the location of the event. In the Presidential Decree, President Jokowi appointed the Minister of PUPR to carry out the acceleration of the development.
The acceleration of development includes the renovation of TMII in DKI Jakarta, restructuring of the Mandalika area in the NTB area, renovation in Bali to support the G20 Summit, and preparation of the ASEAN Summit in Tanah Mori, precisely in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara. Jokowi emphasized that the PUPR ministry should pay attention to five principles. Namely, transparency, prudence, efficiency, accountability and effectiveness.
Article 2 of the Presidential Regulation states that in the orientation of the assignment, the Minister of PUPR uses the direct appointment method. The main thing is the procurement of government goods or services, which must be in accordance with statutory provisions.
On the other hand, the funding needed for the implementation of the assignment is claimed to come from the state budget of revenues and expenditures. This is in line with Article 6 of the Presidential Decree, which was signed and promulgated on the same date. Namely, December 31, 2021.
Meanwhile, other news came from the Tana Mori community in the West Manggarai region, ready to accept infrastructure development to welcome KTTG20 and the 2023 ASEAN Summit Agenda, as well as other world-class agendas.
This is confirmed by Dr. Yulianus Weng as Deputy Regent of Mabar. If in principle the community is ready, so hopefully there will be no more obstacles. In addition, the community has also affixed their consent with a signature. There are at least 4 roads with a length of up to 32 km and one bridge. Will be built for the implementation of the international event.
Dr. Yulianus Weng estimates that by the end of this year the hotmix road will be finished. According to him, one of the preparations made by the local government is through socialization related to the grand event. This is done in order to avoid potential conflicts and community resistance regarding the implementation of development.
In this socialization, the community is also advised not to be tempted to sell their land to other parties, even though there are parties who make offers. For information, Tana Mori, is one of ten tourist destinations with a super-priority class. Even included in the PSN or National Strategic Projects.
In addition, the agenda of the G20 Presidency is predicted to be used to promote the role of women in peace. Not only that, the role of women is also encouraged to be able to contribute to existing changes. Even with the welfare of women who are sometimes still underestimated.
This is because women are the driving force of the economy. In many sectors, women in fact dominate more. Thus, the momentum at the G20 Summit is considered appropriate to support the role of women in Indonesia. Meanwhile, for the acceleration of development and renovation of infrastructure, of course, so that it can be presented in an optimal and excellent manner.
The signing of the Presidential Regulation on the acceleration of development is certainly very encouraging news. In addition to facilities or infrastructure being more advanced, it will certainly be a source of pride for the beloved archipelago. Moreover, the mission that will be carried out by the relevant office holders. Therefore, support by all levels of society is needed, for the success of the goals that will be brought later.
This support can certainly be an additional spirit for the country, where collaboration from all parties will produce maximum results. The main thing is, development to renovation of infrastructure. The implementation must be ensured to run smoothly without any problems. Moreover, later the results of this development will also be enjoyed by all Indonesian people.
)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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