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Support Government Efforts to Speed Up Vaccination Targets


The government continues to maximize the national vaccination target in order to accelerate the formation of collective immunity. The public is also asked to support this step in order to accelerate the control of the Covid-19 pandemic and the National Economic Recovery (PEN).

The Covid-19 pandemic that lasted for almost 18 months made the situation worse, because it damaged the economic structure, tourism, and especially health. Therefore, the government is trying hard to erase the negative effects of the pandemic, one of which is by national vaccination. The program, which started in March 2021, is an obligation for all Indonesian citizens in Indonesia.

Initially the Ministry of Health targeted 1 million injections per day (all over Indonesia) but eventually it was revised to 3 million injections per day. The reason is because the President wants the national vaccination to be completed in just 12 months. When everyone has been injected, communal immunity will be formed and can be free from corona quickly.

The total number of Indonesian citizens who received the first vaccination was 59,426,934. while for the second vaccination there are 33,357,249. Thus, the number of Indonesian citizens who have been vaccinated has reached 16%. To accelerate the achievement of the target of 12 months after vaccination, several steps were taken to assist the government in achieving the national vaccination target.

First, provide a representative place for mass vaccination. If you only rely on the room in the Puskesmas or Hospital, then the capacity is rather limited. At some campuses such as UII Jogjakarta and UM Malang, a hall or dome is provided, specifically for mass vaccination sites. So even though there are many people who come to be vaccinated, they can still keep their distance and not create crowds.

At UII Jojakarta the vaccination was held at the KH Auditorium. Abdulkahar Mudzakkir and specifically for the elderly. They get priority because their immune system is relatively weak compared to adults. The elderly come with a companion, because they really need to be guided, even supported.

Second, private companies provide mutual cooperation vaccinations for all their employees. They get their rights in the health sector and will be injected, so they have good immunity. Companies are required to pay the cost of vaccination because this includes benefits provided to employees, as well as to prevent the formation of office clusters.

While the third, held door to door vaccination alias officers who come directly to provide health services to the community. The door to door vaccination was initiated by BIN and received a good appreciation from the government, because it will accelerate the target of 3 million injections per day. BIN and then followed by the Police held this vaccination to serve the community.

The officers ride in a car and then come directly to the village or housing and the community will be injected, without having to queue for a long time, like during mass vaccinations (at the GOR or hall). After checking their blood pressure and being asked about their medical history, they will be injected with the corona vaccine.

Various steps can be taken to support the acceleration of the national vaccination target. The main thing is the willingness to be vaccinated, because there are some parties who are still afraid or are being deceived by hoaxes about it. Don’t be afraid to get vaccinated because it is halal and has passed the BPOM test. If you have been vaccinated, then campaign it to all your friends, both in the real world and in cyberspace.

The government really needs to be supported in accelerating national vaccination. We can come immediately if there is a door to door vaccination and be injected with pleasure. Don’t even encourage other people to run away, because it will mess up this program. Remember that when you want to be free from the pandemic, the mandatory condition is vaccination.

By: Zainudin Zidan )* The author is a citizen living in Tangerang

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