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Support instilling Pancasila values in schools


Author: Abdul Muttaqin
Pancasila is the foundation of the country and must be learned by students. It is important to instill Pancasila values ​​in schools as it allows students to become religious and have a high sense of tolerance.
Do you remember all the commandments of Pancasila? We have been learning Pancasila since kindergarten, but unfortunately some people forget some of Pancasila’s precepts. However, Pancasila should be remembered and put into practice so that we can become ethical citizens. Pancasila values ​​are also instilled in schools so that children adapt from an early age.
Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin said he supported efforts to implement Pancasila values ​​for students from primary school to university, and even university alumni. Likewise, for the wider community before starting a business.
The Vice-President’s statement was made during a meeting with the head of Badan Pembinaan Ideologi Pancasila (BPIP), Yudian Wahyudi and his staff. At the time, the Vice President supported BPIP’s efforts to make the Pancasila course a stand-alone course within the new curriculum.
Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin added that the implementation of Pancasila values ​​still requires various efforts to understand. The goal is for individuals and organizations to run it well.
In a sense, we do have an obligation to live out the values ​​of Pancasila in order to better understand that at the heart of all its precepts are divinity, humanity, peace and tolerance. Therefore, there is an obligation to instill Pancasila values ​​as early as possible. Schools are the right place to instill Pancasila values ​​so that students can better understand them.
Pancasila as a special subject must be included in the curriculum because the cultivation of Pancasila values ​​is very important. So far, Pancasila has only been included in history courses and civics education. It would be better if there were special subjects because they were more focused on discussing Pancasila and the teaching time would be longer.
Lessons about Pancasila in schools are not only in the form of memory, but also in the form of character education. The reason is that the character of an Indonesian citizen who executes Pancasila is a good man, full of tolerance. After a good education in school, he can become like this, which is based on Pancasila.
In moral education, what is improved is the moral cultivation of students. How to teach depends on the level of the school. For example, for elementary school students, this can be done by watching educational videos or visiting a few houses of worship. Their goal is to know that in Indonesia, there are 6 faiths that are recognized by the state and that they live in harmony.
Pancasila character education is very important because the next generation must have good character. These roles are based on Pancasila, such as obeying God and treating fellow human beings fairly. Through character education, he grew into a diverse person who did not impose opinions as they chose to discuss until a consensus was reached.

The character of students must be cultivated from an early age, as this is important for their future, so Pancasila lessons must be included in the curriculum. If he understands Pancasila’s values, when he grows up, he will be an adult who is receptive to differences.
We must support instilling Pancasila values ​​in schools because Pancasila and all its points need to be taught from an early age. In the new curriculum, Pancasila lessons must be included so that students can better understand Pancasila. If students have achieved this, they have grown into good people.
)*The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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