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Support Law Enforcement Against KST Papua


The brutal action of the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) again killed 8 telecommunications workers in Papua. The community supports the TNI/Polri to enforce the law and eradicate these gangs who have the heart to injure civilians.

Papua is an area that is famous for its tourism, such as in Raja Ampat, it is also viral because it hosted the XX PON last year. However, Papua also has a less positive image, because it was synonymous with separatist and terrorist groups aka KST. They are troops from the Free Papua Organization (OPM) whose goal is to defect from Indonesia.

This time KST again carried out an attack in Kago Village, Ilaga District, Puncak Regency, Papua. They shot a number of company employees and up to 8 people were killed. Meanwhile, the survivors immediately asked the authorities for help. Then, the victim’s body was evacuated by helicopter.

The community condemned the attack in the Ilaga area, Puncak, Papua. There is a known vulnerability and frequent attacks. However, it was not unexpected that there was a shooting that resulted in fatalities. Even though these employees were repairing the communication tower, for the sake of smooth communication in Papua, they were shot at will.

Law enforcement against KST must be done because they have committed criminal acts. If they are included in the article on premeditated murder (340 of the Criminal Code), then they will be sentenced to 20 years in prison and the maximum is the death penalty. The severity of the punishment was deemed appropriate, because life paid for life. The suffering of the victim’s family is not commensurate with their punishment.

Moreover, this is not the first time that KST has attacked Papuan civilians. They have done it many times, and also caused casualties. Some of the victims were construction workers, some were health workers, and some were teachers. I can’t understand why KST has committed such atrocities to the point of threatening other people’s lives?

KST couldn’t stand it and reasoned that the dead victims were spies from the authorities, because that was their only accusation. Even though they only want to kill, they are like demons and have no conscience. Among the victims there were also indigenous Papuans, and they were very vicious for killing their own tribal brothers.

Law enforcement against KST must be done because they are involved in various cases. Apart from premeditated murder, they were also charged with defection, and the penalty is a maximum of 20 years in prison (according to article 108 of the Criminal Code).

The rebellion has been going on for years and the authorities are trying to get more KST members caught. The reason, they work in a guerrilla so it’s a bit troublesome. Moreover, the KST headquarters is also in the middle of the forest so there is camouflage that makes it difficult to find.

When the Nemangkawi operation was changed its name to the Damai Cartenz operation, it did not automatically become peaceful or there were no arrests of KST members. Instead, there are still attempts to disband KST, because they are traitors to the state.

Then, let no one defend KST on humanitarian grounds, because in fact they are the ones who violate human rights by killing other people. Allegations (usually from abroad) about KST are ignored because they don’t know how cruel the group is.

People in Papua and throughout Indonesia support law enforcement for KST members, who have committed atrocities by killing 8 employees in the Puncak area. Peace on Earth of Cendrawasih must be maintained so that people can move safely, without fear of terror from KST.

By: Rebecca Marian)* The author is a Papuan student living in Jakarta

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