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Support Prokes Socialization During Ramadan


The government continues to socialize health protocols because we are still fasting in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The community supports the socialization because they are aware that Prokes must be enforced for the sake of mutual safety.

The month of Ramadan has arrived and it is time for us to fast. This is the third time we are running Ramadan in the midst of a pandemic. Of course there are some adjustments so that people can fast and perform other worship safely without fear of risking Corona. Therefore, the government socializes the health protocol (Prokes) so that Ramadan can run smoothly.

Prokes indeed must be enforced even though the situation is relatively safe. Currently Corona patients are stagnant, no more than 10,000 people per day. But all must obey Prokes because we hope that fasting is safe without being affected by Corona. The reason is because if you are infected with the Covid-19 virus, you are forced to cancel your fast because of the drop condition and you have to take medicine and vitamins regularly.

Moeldoko, the Presidential Chief of Staff stated, “Islamic religious leaders must maintain optimism to maintain the pandemic situation by continuing to disseminate health protocols. There’s nothing to be afraid of anymore. The government has allowed to carry out Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. Once again, for the success of handling Corona to be complete, religious leaders must socialize Prokes.”

In a sense, health protocols must continue to be disseminated because currently it is still a pandemic. Even though the Covid patient curve is decreasing, don’t ignore it and just take off your mask. The reason is because the Corona is still there and people must obey Prokes to fast and perform other worship smoothly.

Islamic religious leaders carry the mandate to socialize Prokes during Ramadan because they, as good citizens, are obliged to help government programs to deal with Corona. Ulama and clerics have a respectable position in society and therefore their lectures will be immediately obeyed by the congregation. If they help socialize Prokes, more people will obey it.

Prokes should be socialized by religious leaders because each point teaches a clean and healthy lifestyle. Isn’t cleanliness part of faith? In addition, as good people, we must maintain a healthy body to show gratitude to God.

Prokes socialization can be delivered directly while filling out the recitation. The clerics can set an example by wearing a mask in the correct position so that the congregation will imitate it. He also gave a lecture that during the pandemic it was necessary to maintain hand hygiene and reminded worshipers to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.

Prokes socialization activities are also carried out in cyberspace because currently there are many ustad who have their own YouTube channel. They can lecture that the pandemic can be ended by obeying Prokes and fasting safely without Corona if everyone is disciplined by applying each point in the 10M Prokes.

In addition, Prokes is also practiced when worshiping in mosques. When praying in congregation, the line can be met again, but people must wear masks. Before going to the mosque, you should also perform ablution at home. They should also not congregate when there is a recitation in the mosque and keep their distance from each other and shake hands at a distance.

Prokes socialization is very important to do during Ramadan because people will fast smoothly without fear of getting Corona. We need a fit body to fast, therefore we must maintain health and obey Prokes. Orderly clerics support the government in disseminating Prokes.

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