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Support the Continuation of Special Autonomy in Papua for Success and Sustainability of Development


By: Yustinus Alom (Papuan Student in Jakarta)

The implementation of Special Autonomy alias Otsus Papua volume 1, has produced many results in accordance with the expectations of the government and the people of Papua. The central government has also distributed special autonomy funds to Papua and West Papua and has followed procedures and has succeeded in developing Papuan land. In accordance with the purpose of holding Otsus, which is to provide welfare to the Papuan people, the government has provided assistance solely to realize equality throughout Indonesia.

However, the success of Otsus must be evaluated from the various problems that have been successfully resolved and the capacity of local government administrators in the province. In addition, the number of cases of negative propaganda that is widespread in Papua, makes the government must continue to carry out strict supervision of the region.

The government is obliged to pay attention to the human development index between the indigenous population and non-Papuans who continue to experience inequality. However, the government has also acted responsively by deploying several security forces to protect Papua. This shows that in fact the existence of Otsus provides many good things that are needed by the people in Papua.

Without the encouragement of the Indonesian people and all other elements, Otsus will not be successful. Concrete evidence of progress felt by the people of Papua proves that the government has succeeded in showing that all its staff are working hard to liberate the land of Papua.

The Indonesian people must also respect and support the good changes that are echoed by the government, for the sake of creating a prosperous nation. Therefore, many netizens support the continued Otsus or Otsus Volume 2, because Earth of Cenderawasih must be protected by every element of the Indonesian nation.

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