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Support the Sustainability of National Infrastructure Development


By: Alfisyah Dianasari )*

Infrastructure has an important influence in improving the people’s economy and national development. The community also supports the sustainability of infrastructure development which has made many positive contributions.

Have you ever wondered why in recent years the government has been very aggressive in developing national infrastructure? Indeed, there is a lot of infrastructure built, ranging from bridges, highways, toll roads, to dams. This development does require a lot of money but is worth it with the results, because it has a positive effect on civil society.

Even during the pandemic, the development of national infrastructure will continue and projects will not stop, of course, by adhering to strict health protocols. It is precisely this development that is encouraged by the government in order to save the economy in difficult times. When there is a toll road project, it takes a lot of workers so that people can apply and get a decent living.

The construction of infrastructure such as toll roads also benefits the people because it makes road access easier for them. If there is convenience, it will also have an impact on the residents’ economy, especially those with the status of traders, because they can move smoothly and the costs are relatively affordable. So that slowly his financial situation will improve.

In addition, the construction of dams is also beneficial because water is the source of life. If there is a dam, the availability of water can be controlled and also minimize flooding, so that residents can feel safe. On the other hand, during the dry season, there will be sufficient stock of water for irrigation and daily needs, so that civilians are not afraid of the threat of drought.

Support from the community is also needed in national infrastructure development, by paying taxes. As a good citizen, you must obey the rules and pay taxes according to your salary. If you find it difficult because payments are cut during the pandemic, then you can apply for tax restructuring as a solution.

This tax will be made as capital in national infrastructure development, and you can also enjoy the benefits, right? So that the tax money will return to the people in the form of infrastructure. A wise man obeys taxes.

In addition to physical development, there is also development in the digital field. The development of national infrastructure in the digital field is also important because this is the era of technology. Those who don’t follow it will be far behind. Indonesia should not lose in the IT field so that it can compete with other countries in the global market.

Development in the digital field is carried out by establishing a strong internet network throughout Indonesia, so that even people in remote areas can enjoy it. They can feel a strong and stable signal, and use the internet for positive purposes. For example for online schools, online trading, etc.

By entrepreneurship in the online market, the community benefits because the scope of buyers is wider, so the profits are even more. Especially if they do business in the culinary field, when it is difficult to regulate the capacity of the stall when there is a maximum dine-in regulation, then delivery orders are a savior. Promotion via the internet is a powerful way to convince customers.

Residents can also be given training so as not to stutter in technology, especially to the older generation. They need to be given an understanding that opening cellphones and laptops is not just for playing, but can be for work. With internet skills, they can use technology for good things, and take advantage of the results of this national infrastructure development.

The development of national infrastructure is something that the government continues to encourage so that the people are more advanced. Although it is still a pandemic, development continues, because it has a positive impact on the people.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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