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Supporting Acceleration of Vaccination in the Regions


By: Alfisyah Diasanasari)*

Accelerating vaccination is the government’s mission in 2022 so that herd immunity is immediately formed and the pandemic period ends quickly. The community also supports efforts to accelerate vaccination in the regions in order to avoid transmission of the Omicron variant.

When the national vaccination program starts in early 2021, the residents of DKI Jakarta will be the first to be injected and followed by other regions. Equitable distribution of vaccinations is important because all Indonesian citizens have the same right to receive vaccine injections. So later people from Sabang to Merauke will have been vaccinated, for those aged 6 years and over.

Vaccination is an obligation so that its implementation must be assisted by all parties, because the central government and the ministry of health cannot act alone. The local government is also obliged to assist the success of vaccination in their respective places, in order to achieve one hundred percent vaccination coverage. The more people who have been vaccinated, the safer it is from the dangers of corona, of course with the discipline of the 10M health protocol.

The Minister of Home Affairs, Tito Karnavian, stated that local governments must take various measures to accelerate the provision of vaccinations in various regions in Indonesia. Especially now that Indonesia is facing Omicron, so don’t let your guard down. In a sense, vaccination must be accelerated so that herd immunity is quickly formed and prevents the spread of Omicron.

Minister Tito added, there are several ways that can be done by local governments. First with data-based vaccination in government. The second is with mobile vaccination, aka door to door. While the third is to establish vaccination centers in all regions in Indonesia.

Vaccinations based on government data have been carried out in the provinces of DKI Jakarta and Bali. When there is a data-based vaccination, there is data integration so that it can be seen how many percent of people have not been vaccinated. Those who have not been vaccinated will be the next target to receive an injection, because vaccination is a right for all Indonesian people.

Meanwhile, mobile vaccination, aka door to door, initiated by the State Intelligence Agency is a very powerful method to increase vaccination coverage. The reason is because with this method, health workers come to the community, making it easier for those who have difficulty visiting the vaccination location. For example, in people who are elderly, disabled, etc.

Door to door vaccinations also visit schools and are also very good because in fact some still do not understand that children aged 6 to 6 years can already be vaccinated. If officers visit, they will be coordinated by the nearest school and health center, so that it is more neat and systematic. Children can happily go to school face to face without fear of getting hit by Omicron.

Vaccination centers also continue to be built, not only on the island of Java but also on other islands. The main function of the vaccination center is as a representative place for vaccination. While the other function is for the data center, so that it can be seen what percentage of the population has not been vaccinated? The data will be processed digitally so that it is more systematic.

The government has made efforts to make it easier for vaccinations to be given to the people. On the other hand, people must also obey the rules and want to be vaccinated so they don’t get corona, especially the Omicron variant. Especially now when going to a public place such as a bank or a shopping center, you have to scan the care to protect application, so that only those who have been vaccinated are allowed to enter.

Various efforts to speed up vaccination are carried out by the central government and local governments so that 100% of Indonesian citizens have been vaccinated and group immunity is formed quickly. Vaccination is mandatory and don’t be absent because this is an important effort so that the pandemic ends quickly.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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