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Supporting Indonesia Towards Endemic


By: Savira Ayu)*

The community supports the Government’s strategy which is preparing a pandemic transition scenario towards a Covid-19 endemic. With this new strategy, it is hoped that the community will be able to carry out activities as usual but still be safe from the transmission of Covid-19.

Are you tired of dealing with a pandemic? During these two years, we have adapted to situations that can be said to be not good. When the Covid-19 virus ruled the earth and it hasn’t gone away. Everyone is becoming more and more concerned with health, maintaining body immunity, and environmental hygiene.

However, the pandemic situation can be ended and its status changed to endemic. Endemic is a condition in which a disease is widespread but is limited to a certain area. The difference between a pandemic and an endemic is the size of the area affected. So, after becoming endemic, Corona only exists in certain areas in Indonesia.

Professor Wiku Adisasmito, spokesman for the Covid-19 Task Force Team, stated that Indonesia can reflect on how far it is ready to transition to a productive society that is safe from Covid-19. Indeed, currently there has been a decrease in Corona cases, but the transmission of omicron has been higher than the delta.

In a sense, when Corona cases are still quite high (above 10,000 patients per day) it cannot be said to be endemic. Moreover, its distribution is still widespread. However, we should not be pessimistic. If everyone is disciplined, it could turn into an endemic phase in the near future. With a note, all citizens are obedient to vaccinations and comply with health protocols.

Currently, there are already preparations before the endemic period, because in some areas it has become a green zone. If the majority of provinces in Indonesia become green zones, the pandemic will turn out to be endemic, because Corona only exists in certain areas. That way, we can breathe a little easier because soon the Covid-19 virus will leave Indonesia.

The community supports the change in status in Indonesia, from the pandemic phase to the endemic phase. They want to live like they used to, where they can travel freely without worrying about contracting the Corona virus. When there is an endemic, they just stay away from areas that are still affected by the Covid-19 virus.

However, to reach the endemic period, it takes careful preparation. Especially from the people’s mentality, because they must not give up during a pandemic. If this situation is to end quickly, it must be disciplined. Especially in vaccinations and health protocols.

If you want to endemic quickly, don’t refuse vaccination. It’s strange when something free and useful is avoided for this and that reason. Vaccines are clearly halal and guaranteed by the MUI. Therefore, let’s vaccinate, if possible, up to 3 injections alias booster, so that the body’s resistance is maintained.

Apart from vaccination, everything must comply with health protocols, not only 3M, but up to 10M. Protocol is not only a slogan that must be memorized, but also must be done. For example, wearing a mask (how much is the stock of masks at home?), washing your hands or using a hand sanitizer (have you stored it in your bag?), etc.

When disciplined there are sacrifices, for example for points to reduce mobility. Do not leave the house except for important matters such as work or school. Don’t gather like before, because crowds can trigger new clusters.

When a pandemic wants to be turned into an endemic, there are various conditions and obligations that must be met. First, all Indonesian citizens aged 6 years and over must be vaccinated plus a booster to be healthier. Second, everything is orderly in complying with health protocols.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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