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Supporting the Acceleration of Law Enforcement Against Luke Enembe


By: Sabby Kosay )*

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has named Lukas Enembe as a  suspect in the alleged bribery and gratification case related to work or projects sourced from the Papua Province APBD . The community also supports the KPK to speed up law enforcement against Lukas Enembe as a form of law supremacy. 

Papua Governor Lukas Enembe has been named a suspect accompanied by strong evidence that can be proven in court. The KPK suspects that Lukas often travels abroad to disguise and spend money from bribes and gratuities. One way is to play casino gambling.

            Of course playing gambling in casinos with money from corruption is a money laundering crime, and the KPK must firmly investigate the case.

            Moreover, the KPK also admitted that it had pocketed the name of the liaison for the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, when he laundered money from corruption through casino gambling in Singapore. The KPK will also coordinate with the Singaporean authorities to investigate this matter.

            Papuan religious leader Ismail Asso invites the public to support law enforcement against Papua Governor Lukas Enembe by the Indonesian KPK. Ismail asked all parties to support the law enforcement process. The same support must also be given when the KPK wants to enforce the law against the regent and other officials only suspected of being involved in corruption.

            Meanwhile, to Lukas Enembe, Ismail hopes that Lukas will be able to cooperate with law enforcement officials and surrender himself immediately, especially if he feels innocent.

            The case that happened to Lukas Enembe finally opened the dark veil of the management of a region and its human resources that should be trustworthy. 

            Kurnia Ramadhana as a researcher at ICW (Indonesian Corruption Watch) urged the KPK to be more courageous in using its authority to forcibly pick up Lukas Enembe.

            On a different occasion, General Secretary of the Papua Kingmi Synod, Jones Wenda explained that gambling is a social disease that should not be practiced. Moreover, it is done. Especially by a local leader. According to him, Luke as a leader, of course, must set a good example for the people on Earth of Cenderawasih.

            Jones assesses that if the leader does something that is not right, the community will follow. He also appealed to the Papuan people not to be provoked and to respect the existing legal process.

            Another church figure, Pastor Albert Yoku, explained that the corruption involving the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, was a personal matter. He assessed that every official must remember God.

            Albert also appealed to the public not to hinder the legal process currently being carried out by the KPK. The man who serves as the Chair of the Jayapura Regency Religious Communication Forum (FKUB) believes the anti-corruption agency will act professionally as has been shown to the regents in Papua who are involved in corruption.

            A number of figures in Papua also agreed to ask Lukas to be proactive in participating in the legal process at the KPK. One of these pressures came from religious leaders in Papua.

            Every state official, regardless of religion, must have taken an oath of office when he was sworn in. So in carrying out his work and serving others, he was taught to fear God.

            Papuan Youth Leader, Steve Mara, sees that the determination of Lukas Enembe as a suspect can be a momentum to open a gap to audit Papua Special Autonomy funds so that it is more transparent.

            He fully supports the KPK’s efforts to uncover the alleged bribery of Lukas Enembe. Because, from 2001 to 2022, the central government has provided enough budget to build a better Papua. But in reality, the condition of Papua is still at a level with a high poverty rate.

            Steve also asked Luke Enembe’s attorney to work professionally and not to politicize, there is no need to bring another name in this case because this case is a legal case, namely gratification.

            Seeing this case, of course the Papuan people must support the government’s firm stance against law violations committed by anyone, including officials.

            Meanwhile, the Coordinator of the Indonesian Anti-Corruption Society (MAKI), Boyamin Saiman, said that the KPK must forcibly pick up Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe if he was absent again on the second summons.

            According to Boyamin, the provision for forced summons has been regulated in the Criminal Procedure Code (KUHAP). Thus, the KPK’s action of sending a second summons would be a legal reason for a forced pick-up if Lukas was not present.

            Furthermore, he hopes that Luke’s supporters will not hinder the investigation process that is being carried out by the KPK.

            In relation to the accusation of naming the suspect as a form of criminalization, he hopes that the accusation can be proven in court.

            Of course, Lukas doesn’t need to be afraid of being summoned by the KPK if he is innocent. Even Mahfud MD has guaranteed the release of Governor Lukas if he is proven innocent.

            Law enforcement against Luke Enembe must really be done. The central government has agreed to build a clean and peaceful Papua, so that this case should not drag on.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Yogyakarta 

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