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Supporting the Firmness of Luke Enembe’s Corruption Settlement


By: Saby Kosay )*

The corruption case of Lukas Enembe is still dragging on because he vehemently rejected the summons from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), citing heart disease and stroke. Firmness must be done so that the polemic on this case is quickly resolved, if necessary there is a forced pick-up to Papua. The public is also asked to remain calm, instead of defending their governor who is clearly guilty.

The people of Papua were shaken when they heard the news that their Governor, Lukas Enembe, was named a suspect in corruption and gratification by the KPK. Lukas was proven to have stolen state money worth more than 1 trillion rupiah. He is also indicated to take special autonomy funds and money for the XX Papua PON, while in office. The public is also outraged that he was proven to have gambled at a casino overseas.

However, at this time, Lukas Enembe has not come to fulfill the KPK’s summons. Represented by his lawyer, Stevanus Roy, Lukas admitted that he had a heart attack and a stroke. It is very dangerous if he is flown to Jakarta for examination. A doctor’s certificate was also issued as evidence of his health condition.

The corruption case of Lukas Enembe can be long because he refuses to be investigated, and is suspected of pretending to be sick. The Head of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) Moeldoko was furious about Lukas Enembe’s behavior. He even threatened whether TNI members should be deployed to pick up the governor. 

Moeldoko’s statement is very reasonable because so far what has appeared to the public is his team of attorneys. Lukas seemed afraid of questions from KPK investigators, and chose to hide in his house in the Koya Tengah area, Muara Tangi, Jayapura. he was very angry because Luke as a public official should have obeyed the current legal process.

Supposedly to resolve the case of Lukas Enembe, further firmness is needed, so that he does not ignore the KPK’s summons. According to the regulations, when a person does not fulfill the call of the agency twice, he will be forced to pick up. If there really is a deployment of the apparatus as stated by Moeldoko, then no one should stop him, because this is in accordance with the applicable legal rules.

Firmness must be done, because if not Luke will continue to hide somehow until when. As an official and a real man, he should have acted manly and came to Jakarta. Instead of pretending to be sick until they were threatened with being picked up, they sent security forces.

The funny thing is, the lawyer even asked for permission so that Lukas was allowed to go to Singapore for treatment, even though it was further away than Jakarta. This case should not drag on so that there is no reason to make it up like this.

Meanwhile, Jack Puraro, a Papuan youth leader, stated that residents should not prevent KPK officers from investigating Lukas Enembe. He must respect the legal process and be held accountable for his actions. If you are really sick, I hope you get well soon. Papua is a safe place for everyone, in the sense that there is no racism or difference in treatment for the people of Cendrawasih Earth.

When there is a youth leader who wants Lukas Enembe to be responsible, he should not always have the excuse of being sick, even though the suspects in corruption cases always have such reasons. It was just a trick to get public sympathy and a dispensation from the KPK. Logically, if he had a stroke it would be difficult to move and even speak, but why can he still communicate with his lawyers?

The call for the community not to protect Lukas is very reasonable because at this time, hundreds of residents are guarding around his house. Some of them even carried traditional weapons and clearly would fight back if the authorities were to pick up Lukas and take him to Jakarta. Don’t let their blind love for Luke make them hinder the work of the KPK officers and officers.

The public should not be swayed by the propaganda deliberately made by Luke Enembe’s legal team, in which it is as if he was accused of corruption because he was stabbed by his political opponents. In fact, this case is purely corruption, and the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD has also confirmed that Lukas is purely a corruption case. How sad it is when there are residents who oppose the authorities even though they are only carrying out their duties.

Firmness in the settlement of the Lukas Enembe case must be carried out as soon as possible so that further action is taken, namely the examination and investigation of overseas accounts, then transfer to a correctional institution. If Lukas avoids corruption and feels innocent, then he should not be afraid of the KPK. But the opposite happened, and it showed that he was really corrupt.

Do not let the good name of Papua tarnished by the actions of Luke Enembe. As governor, he should set an example for his people. But unfortunately he instead set a bad example by committing corruption and gratification. Luke’s case must be resolved as soon as possible and firm action should be taken so that he comes to the KPK and takes responsibility for his mistakes.  

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Yogyakarta 

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