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Supporting the Practice and Strengthening of the Pancasila Ideology


By: Alfisyah Kumalasari) *

Pancasila as the ideology of the nation should be practiced by all parties. So not only memorized by school children, but directly practiced in everyday life. Everyone from ordinary people to officials can practice it every day.

Antonius Benny Susetyo, special staff of the steering committee of the Pancasila Ideology Development Board stated that Pancasila is the basis of community life. This Indonesian ideology is the basis of living together to create prosperity. It also becomes a public policy and is also practiced in daily life.

If we hear Benny’s statement, then is it still memorized the 5 precepts in Pancasila? If yes, have you practiced it? Very sad if in fact there are many people who apparently forget what the contents of the Pancasila, even never practice it. Can cause chaos because it does not behave fairly to others and forget the contents of the fifth precepts, namely social justice for all Indonesian people.

The ideology of this nation should not only be memorized, but also practiced. All of the precepts in Pancasila if continued to be practiced, will certainly make one’s life better. If he practices the first precepts, will diligently worship his Lord, and when practicing the second precepts, will carry high humanity and will not cheat others. Meanwhile, if we observe the third precepts, we will try hard to unite the nation and not be easily affected by the provocateurs who want to divide the Indonesian people.

If we practice the fourth precept, we will uphold the principle of populistism and also overcome everything with good deliberation. Meanwhile, when practicing the fifth precepts, we will try to be fair to family, friends, and everyone. All precepts in Pancasila are very good if practiced, right? Because we also automatically become someone who has a good personality.

To better practice Pancasila in all circles, the Pancasila Ideology Development Board also wants to embrace many parties, especially artists, artists, cultural figures, and even influencers. They were given the noble duty to participate in campaigning for Pancasila love and a sense of nationalism. Not only in August as the month of independence. But also in the following months.

So Pancasila is not only a display or memorization, but also can be practiced so that our lives become more secure and peaceful. When an artist reaches a celebrity campaigned for Pancasila love, the results will be good, because many people increasingly want to practice their precepts in life. Also raise their sense of nationalism.

The Pancasila love campaign can also be done by creating content that will be uploaded to social media. The pictures show what are the virtues of Pancasila and its benefits if practiced in daily life. So it can motivate many people to love Pancasila more and foster a spirit of patriotism in their breasts.

Deputy of BPIP Study and Material Division FX Adji Samekto stated that Pancasila needs to be mainstreamed. Because it is the brainchild of the founders of Indonesia, which is a combination of nationalist and religious groups. Pancasila is the basis of the state and the source of state law. So all bills should not violate Pancasila.

If we look at the statement from Adji Samekto, then it is true that Pancasila is the source of all sources of state law. So it must be upheld, because it is the main source of law. When the precepts are carried out by the people, it will certainly create a condition that is justly prosperous and prosperous, and there is no more injustice in this country.

Pancasila should be loved by all Indonesian people. It may be that we memorized 5 precepts, but have not been able to practice all the precepts. Keep the spirit in the practice of Pancasila and always run it in everyday life.

) * Active writer in the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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