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Supporting the Prohibition of Lebaran Homecoming Prevent Covid-19


By: Raavi Ramadhan) *

The year 2021 is still a pandemic and people are worried about whether it is permissible for Eid homecoming. It turned out that the government was firm in prohibiting them from returning to their hometowns. The reason is because the spread of corona is still vicious. This decision is for mutual safety and we must appreciate it.

May 2021 is a crucial time because there is Eid al-Fitr. During Eid, people usually flock to return to their hometowns, because on average they can only do it once a year. The reason is because of the busyness or the cost of going home which is quite high.

However, this year Indonesia is still hit by a pandemic. The community still hopes that in 2021 they can go home because last year they were forced to not be able to return to their hometowns. But unfortunately this year the government still prohibits Eid homecoming. This was disclosed by the Coordinating Minister for PMK Muhadjir Effendy. The reason is because the transmission and death rates due to corona are still high after the holidays.

According to Muhadjir , people are not allowed to leave the city on May 6 to 17, 2021. Then, going home is prohibited but there is still a day’s leave after Eid. Meanwhile, social assistance will still be provided. The homecoming prohibition does not only apply to ASN, police, and TNI, but also to all members of the community.

One day leave after Eid is given and workers will still get 2 days off. So that they will not feel stressed because the Eid holidays are too short. The holiday that was not too long made them think about going home to their hometown. If you board an airplane, you have to do a swab test and the cost is quite high.

This government decision has indeed become a pro and contra. There are people who are disappointed because they failed to go home. However, the bus or train ticket is not forfeited because it can be reimbursed or exchanged for dates. However, we still have to stick with it . Lebaran abroad or in the village is the same, because what is important is the essence of the sanctity of the holiday.

We must be sincere if Eid fails to go home. Instead of being desperate to go home and bring the covid-19 virus and eventually your parents or relatives get sick. Even though they are classified as elderly and at high risk if exposed to corona , because they have congenital diseases. Instead of bringing casualties later, it’s better to refrain and not go home once again.

Even if relatives do not contract the corona , then we ourselves are at risk for infection while on the way. Can be in the rest area, toilet, travel car , or other places. In those places, people tend to find it difficult to keep their distance and on average take off their masks at rest, because they are hot and tired. Instead of being exposed to corona , it’s better for Eid at home.

Remember that the hospital that accommodates covid patients is still full. Self-isolation is not very effective, and is only good for those with mild symptoms. Don’t take too high a risk . Better to do video calls with parents and relatives in the village. They must understand why their children failed to go home this year.

Especially when we haven’t received the corona vaccination . So that the body’s immunity against the Covid-19 virus is still low. When going home, immunity tends to decrease due to long trips and on average taking land routes, making it easier to get tired. When immunity is low, that’s where the corona virus strikes and the most fatal result is death.

Don’t complain first when there is a ban on going home, because there must be a reason. Governments make decisions that benefit their people, because they think about our safety. The ban on going home for the sake of mutual safety, is not a government arrogance. So as a good citizen, you must obey this rule and not go home for a while.

) * The author is a contributor to the Press circle and a student of Cikini

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