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Supporting the Role of Millennials in Preventing Radicalism


By: Cindy Ramadhani )*

The community supports millennials to be actively involved in preventing radicalism. Millennials are considered to be more creative and technologically savvy so that they can prevent radicalism quickly.

In recent years we seem to be haunted by terrorism and radicalism, which disturbs social peace in Indonesia. Radicals want to stick their fingernails and change the form of government into a caliphate, but unfortunately they can’t because it violates Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution. They become angry and hostile to the government and provoke the public to join in.

In fact, if radicalism is left alone, it will be very dangerous because they use various violent means to realize their dreams. We certainly don’t want Indonesia to be in chaos because of the bombings and other terrors, do we? Therefore, the government wants to prevent the expansion of radicalism as soon as possible, one way is by cooperating with millennials, aka young people.

Why should young people? The reason is because millennials have an image of being more educated, open, and technologically savvy. The independence of the younger generation in using technology will encourage them towards religious moderation, especially in asking questions and thinking critically. This was stated by the Head of Sub-section of the TU Puslitbang BALK of the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia, Rizky Riyadu Topek.

Why religious moderation? The reason is that religious moderation makes a person not religious either to the extreme right or left, so as to avoid fanaticism. If millennials understand religious moderation, they will not be trapped by fanaticism which eventually leads to radicalism. The reason is because most of the fanatics will be attracted to radicalism.

Rizky added that we are welcoming a more humanist and universal religious era. In a sense, we can’t just spread the teachings the old-fashioned way. However, it can be done in a humanistic way, for example by diligently giving charity and raising funds and respecting fellow human beings (even though they have different beliefs). With a humanist approach it will be seen how religion teaches to love peace.

With a more humanistic religion, many people understand that religion is a way to achieve peace of mind and not by means of violence and bombings that have been carried out so far by radical groups. If young people are exemplified, people will know how to touch religion without hurting others, so they understand that radicalism is dangerous.

Interreligious relationships will be more positive in the future. In a sense, young people are indeed more tolerant and they will campaign for pluralism and tolerance in dealing with fellow human beings. Including those with different beliefs. When there is a difference in the holiday then it is normal, there is no act of mocking each other or other hostility.

Millennials who understand technology will use their intelligence in spreading religious moderation that loves peace and is anti-radicalism. For example, by making posters explaining that having faith is good but being too extreme and fanatical, and being involved in radicalism is not very good.

The poster will be uploaded on social media such as Facebook and Instagram so that more people will see it and make it viral. In this way, millennials become the driving force in the anti-radicalism movement while promoting religious moderation.

The role of millennials in preventing radicalism and terrorism in Indonesia is very large. They can be motivated to understand religious moderation and love of peace, so they can spread a humanist way of religion. In addition, they can suppress radicalism in this country by campaigning in cyberspace.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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