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Supports Heavy Penalties for Misappropriation of Social Assistance Funds


By: Astari Putri )*

The government oversees the provision of social assistance , so that no one else dares to evade, even if only partially. The community also supports severe penalties for misappropriating social assistance funds because it is part of an extraordinary crime.

The economic condition of the Indonesian people was a bit shaky during the COVID-19 pandemic and the government immediately provided social assistance ( Bansos ). Even though it’s been a year of a pandemic, but there will be more social assistance disbursed, because there are still people in need. Especially those who have difficulty because they cannot work outside the home during an emergency micro PPKM.

In contrast to Bansos previous period in the form of food packages, this time social assistance will be given right worth 600,000 rupiah (for 2 months). The government will give it to the public based on NIK data and try to minimize errors.

Misappropriation of funds Bansos will also be dealt with firmly, especially under the new social minister ib u Tri Rismaharini. The woman who is familiarly called Risma is known to be firm and vocal, and does not tolerate the slightest corruption. Moreover, what was taken was the Social Assistance fund which was intended for the poor, but instead there was an intention from an individual to do it .

If anyone dares to corrupt social assistance funds , they will face a minimum sentence of 4 years in prison and the maximum sentence of life. The threat is indeed not a joke, because it is to prevent the modus operandi of the tie rats who have the heart to rob the people of money. Apart from being sentenced to imprisonment, corruptors and even their families are also subject to social punishment from the community.

Burhanuddin Sanitiar Attorney General ordered his staff to crack down on all officials of the level of the Ministry / Agency to kepa la region take advantage or try embezzled funds corona countermeasures, including Bansos cash. Especially during the implementation of emergency micro PPKM.

The Attorney General added that his staff from the central level to the Attorney General’s Office and Kejari must provide assistance related to the use of the APBD and Corona Social Assistance . Do not hesitate if there are institutions, ministries, and regional heads who dare to take illegal advantages for themselves in times like these.

The assertion of Jak sa Supreme highly praised by the public because of his anti-corruption and will not tolerate pengemplangan funds Bansos slightest. If there is supervision from the attorney general’s office, even officials from high levels to the sub-district or village will not move. They will not be corrupt because there is a threat of imprisonment.

If there are unscrupulous officials who are still determined to corrupt then their conscience is questioned. Why do they still have the heart to circumcise social assistance funds that are not as big as their official salaries? They should be aware of themselves and empathize, because in fact there are still many people who need help from the government. However, the social assistance that came was actually corrupted.

Likewise with extortion or something like that. If there is funding Bansos given in the office to lurahan or village office, then there should be no bribes from citizens even though only 10,000 rupiah per person. It is an offense and people should not be squeezed to get Bansos , because they are in desperate economic conditions kepaya han.

Safeguards from the prosecutor’s office and confirmation from the Ministry of Social Affairs are preventive measures so that no one dares to commit corruption, no matter how small. If there is continuous corruption then this nation will be destroyed.

Those who misappropriate social assistance funds will be subject to a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. This threat was intentionally made worse so that they would give up and not dare to circumcise aid funds that should have been intended for the poor. They should help civilians and not circumcise the social assistance funds on their own .

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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