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Sustainability of Special Autonomy for the Welfare of the Papuan People


By: Iwan Kartiwa )*

The government’s move under the leadership of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), to resume Otsus Papua is the right step, and the best effort by the government to improve the welfare and quality of Papuan human resources.

During the 20 years of Otsus (Special Autonomy), community development in Papua has shown various progress, especially in the economic and infrastructure fields. Central government funding support of Rp. 137 trillion allows the implementation of development in Papua. This very large fund is expected to provide benefits for the Papuan people, especially in access to education , health and infrastructure.

The Special Autonomy policy is basically useful and supports national policies in realizing justice and the rule of law, respect for human rights, accelerating development, the economy, and the welfare and progress of the people in Papua. Moreover, p Application of special autonomy rated as the approach taken by the central government to reduce the gap between Papua and other provinces.  

As we know, the government of President Jokowi already put perhati a n great against the welfare of the people of Papua , by developing insfratruktur, hoping to give equal opportunities to people of Papua in order to grow like other regions in Indonesia.

Autonomy is expected to leverage increased resources human resources in Papua , could provide a wider space for the younger generation of Papua in menembuh the learning process, so that the un human resources ggul can maximize inf rastruktur as the support of the local economy.

Many Papuan people have felt the benefits of Otsus, especially in the education sector, many Papuan children are studying at home and abroad. In addition, the economic and infrastructure sectors have also experienced extraordinary improvements and have an impact on increasing the welfare of the Papuan people.

Surely the beneficiaries should be maximized and accountable, this is to avoid the efforts of interest groups that try to abuse ang g aran that has been given, well used to enrich themselves and their group or even to support the movement of groups of separatist contradictory to the development in Papua .

Hopefully OTSUS also can increase the Index of Human Development (HDI) as a benchmark, the government’s success dal am improving the quality of life m asyarakat Papua . As we know, the HDI measures three indicators at once, namely, the level of education, the level of health and the level of welfare. Therefore, through the extension of Otsus volume II, it is hoped that the quality improvement can be evenly distributed throughout the Papua region , so that the term Papua is no longer left behind compared to other provinces.

)* The author is a Social Media Observer

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