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Sustainability of Special Autonomy in Papua Hope for the Progress of the Cendrawasih Earth


John Patikawa

The Papua Special Autonomy Policy is a guide for the Papuan people as   a middle way in strengthening integration and peace and building prosperity in Papua. The sustainability of Otsus is a hope for the  progress of the Earth of Cendrawasih . 

T okoh Papua and West Papua welcomed the government’s decision to continue the special autonomy, because it will bring a better change for the betterment of Papua . Sustainability Autonomy rated   as a positive step development and  improve the welfare of Papuans,   

Over the past decade, Papua has been able to improve the achievement of human development status from the “low” group to the “medium” group. Papua’s Human Development Index (HDI) increased to 11%, with an average growth of around 1.05% per year.

HDI is formed by three basic dimensions, namely a long and healthy life a long and healthy life ), knowledge ( knowledge ), and a decent standard of living decent standard of living ). That is, the growth of Papua’s HDI is a reflection of the growth of these three dimensions.

Human development in Papua continued to progress with a location d ana Papua Special Autonomy . Various achievements have proven that the Papua Special Autonomy funds provide benefits in catching up to Papua’s gaps or backwardness.

The Special Autonomy Fund has helped the younger generation of Papuans to get a better education , even to continue their studies abroad and from well-known universities in Indonesia . Employment opportunities are becoming more open and the younger generation is better able to compete in the world of work and even as civil servants .

In the field of health, special autonomy funds have helped to create the next generation of healthy and quality, by improving p el ayanan health . The number of networks and the quality of health facilities, improving the quality and quantity of health workers, as well as developing a network system for health services for the poor, are the main actions in these reform efforts .

P Developing infrastructure in Papua have progressed that very pesa t , such as the construction of the Trans Papua and other infrastructure. This development has been able to open the isolation of the region and improve access and connectivity from land and multimodal , which is able to improve the welfare of the Papuan people.

The opening of this isolation has had a positive impact on increasing production , job vacancies , and achieving even distribution of prices . Faster travel times make distribution smoother, thus helping the business of Papuan entrepreneurs. The people’s economy is also growing as the needs of local consumers and producers are accommodated.

Otsus Papua became the hope of progress for the Earth Paradise in improving the living standards and welfare of the community , in spelling r gap or lag. Therefore, the community should support its sustainability, as the best solution for the progress of Papua.

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