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Synergy of Government – Society is the Key to Success Against Covid-19


By: Dea Angkasa )*

The corona virus is still spreading in Indonesia but that does not mean that this pandemic will not end. We must think positively and comply with government regulations. The goal is that the number of Covid patients decreases and does not spread throughout Indonesia.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the government has moved fast and decided on rules to stay at home and socialize health protocols. Masks and hand sanitizers are mandatory groceries, apart from groceries. The public also obeys this rule because they are aware of the dangers of the Covid-19 virus, especially when it can spread through dirty and stuffy air.

But unfortunately after 7 months, people seem to have forgotten that it is still a pandemic. Health protocols were being violated and masks were simply removed. Or the mask can only be hung on the chest, then worn when passing in front of the security forces so as not to be raided. It’s really sad, because there are still those who believe that “rules are there to be broken”.

Even though synergy or cooperation between the government and the community is very necessary, so that we can win against corona. According to Doctor Wiku Adisasmito, a spokesperson for the covid task force team, the public needs to support the government’s program to fight corona. In the form of complying with health protocols such as wearing masks, washing hands regularly, and maintaining distance.

The government also programmed the delivery of the corona vaccine, and prioritized health workers because they were at high risk of being exposed to the covid virus. If immunization is given to the community, they are also obliged to follow it. Do not let there be rejection and argue that there is herd immunity.

Dr. Wiku added, this cooperation is important for the productivity of society in the economic and social fields. In the sense that if the government program is successful, the pandemic will end soon. Then we can go back to activities and the country’s economy will improve, because there is a faster circulation of money in the market and the Mall.

Community cooperation to support government programs is not just superficial. For example, someone uses a mask but it turns out to be a scuba or buff type. He must be willing to replace with a cloth or medical mask. Also wear it with discipline. Don’t wear it on the trip but take it off at work, because it feels safe.

In fact, office areas can also form new corona clusters because the employees come from different settlements and we don’t know which ones are asymptomatic. In the office the rooms are also air-conditioned so the air is humid, and if it’s dirty, it can spread the Covid-19 virus (according to a WHO study).

People are also obliged to wash their hands with health soap, and do this carefully between the fingers. At first glance this habit may seem trivial, but it is proven that washing hands is more cleaning than using a hand sanitizer. If there is a hand washing container or sink in a public place, it is better to wash there instead of using a hand sanitizer.

Community cooperation in supporting government programs is also carried out by obeying the rules of guarding distance. Do not travel to crowded places if there is no urgent need. On Saturdays and Sundays, avoid tourist areas that look full of visitors. Because according to Doctor Wiku, the pandemic does not recognize holidays.

Management of tourist attractions should also comply with health protocols by limiting the number of visitors, which is a maximum of 50%. Don’t just chase multiple profits but in the end there will be a crowd and create a new corona cluster. The employees there are also required to wear masks, not only face shields because they are not effective at holding down droplets.

If the public always obeys government regulations and is disciplined in meeting health protocols, the number of corona patients will decrease drastically. When everyone is healthy, the pandemic period can quickly end. Indonesia has successfully fought corona, and remember to always maintain immunity and hygiene.

)* The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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