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Synergy to Realize Healthy and Safe PON XX Papua


By: Robert Pitiray )*

PON XX is very special because it was held during the Covid- 19 pandemic and was held in Papua. Therefore, joint synergy is needed to realize a healthy and safe PON XX Papua, both from Corona and the disruption of the Separatist Terrorist Group (KST).

In 2020, the 20th PON was scheduled to be held in Papua, but unfortunately there was a Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world, so this event was postponed for a year. Then a few months before the schedule (October 2021) it turned out that there was still Corona , even the strict implementation of PPKM. However, this is no longer a reason to postpone the race again, because the committee already has a special strategy so that the event is safe from the Covid- 19 virus .

One of the committee’s efforts to prevent new Corona clusters in the XX PON arena is to use military drones. This modern tool can monitor around the competition arena so that there is no crowd, so that if someone is caught jostling to watch a group of athletes, they will be immediately disbanded. This was stated by Chairman II PB PON Roi Letlora.

Roi added, this drone is very sophisticated because it can detect details up to the faces of people around the XX PON arena, even those who are included in the blacklist can also be displayed clearly, so that preventive measures can be taken. Drones can reach up to 3KM and are very helpful for securing events while preventing Corona .

Drones in the form of mini planes will secure the 3 PON arenas, so that all matches will run safely and there will be no crowds. In addition to using drones, security is also added to the apparatus and Papuan youths who are volunteers. They will take preventive measures to avoid crowds and riots or other bad situations.

In addition to drones, the committee’s other effort to secure this event from the new Corona cluster is vaccination. All committees, athletes, and officials must be injected with vaccines to have immunity against the Covid- 19 virus . Vaccination is very important because in various sports competitions there is physical contact, thus preventing transmission of the virus via droplets from athletes who turn out to be OTG.

During sports competitions, it is permissible to remove the mask because it will be very stuffy and hinder the athlete’s breathing. For example in the sports of swimming and football. Therefore, don’t let droplets spread and as a result the match is stopped because of Corona . PON XX is a big event so it must be 100% successful.

In addition to athletes, committees, and officials, the people around the XX PON arena also receive vaccinations. This is done to form communal immunity so that everyone is free from Corona . So that both outside and inside the competition arena there will be no spread of the Covid- 19 virus .

For vaccination and security with drones, special funds are needed but there is no need to worry because the committee will get sufficient budget. The important thing is that the event will run without riots and be safe from Corona . So that the Papuan people are very proud because they are witnesses, for the first time PON XX is held on Earth of Cendrawasih.

Security for PON XX from the viciousness of the Covid- 19 virus has been carried out to the maximum. Currently, it is only a matter of time for the opening of this national level sporting event, therefore the committee continues to prepare and ensure that everyone gets the vaccine injection. Don’t let a new Corona cluster mess up PON XX and make everyone miserable.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Timika

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