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The Capital of the Nusantara with the Smart City Concept


By: Sentiaji Nugroho)*

The new State Capital (IKN) named ‘Nusantara’ will have a smart city concept. This concept shows the seriousness of the government in realizing progress throughout Indonesia.

The transfer of the nation’s capital city became a byword in the community because they used to call DKI Jakarta the center of government and it turned out that it would be moved to Penajam Paser Utara, East Kalimantan. The transfer became urgent because Jakarta was already crowded, so it had to be moved to East Kalimantan. Later the place will be renamed ‘Nusantara’.

The new national capital will have a smart city concept. According to him, the relocation of the capital city is not only physically aka moving government buildings. However, there are improvements in the fields of health services, bureaucracy, education, social order, technology, and so on.

In a sense, the smart city concept can embrace all the improvements that President Jokowi has called for. Especially in the field of technology. When a smart city is built, it uses technology to improve performance. For example, for the management of important documents, paperless efforts are made, aka without filling out a lot of paper forms, but replaced by filling in Google forms.

With bureaucratic services using advanced technology like this, there will be many benefits. First, it will greatly save the budget to buy paper. If you save paper, it will automatically be environmentally friendly because paper is made from trees, so fewer trees are cut down. Indeed, with online forms there is an internet fee but of course it only consumes a small amount of quota.

Second, with online forms, the process will be much faster so that important papers will be completed very quickly, even in a matter of days (depending on the queue). The community is happy because the letter is ready to go and can be used to manage a yellow card, for example.

The online system also minimizes tucked and lost forms so as not to harm people who need these important letters in a short time. Speed ​​is indeed the hallmark of the current government because it is an instruction from President Jokowi who wants to work fast but accurately.

While the third, the online system will eliminate the possibility of corruption by rogue elements. It is common knowledge that there are employees who abuse their positions and ask for facilitation payments when the public wants to take care of important letters to government offices. However, if the form is online, the flow is fast and you don’t have to go to many employee desks, so people don’t get caught in extortion.

The smart city concept is also technologically advanced, for example an employee attendance system that no longer uses manual checks but is automatic. By checking this model, it will record what time ASN enters and leaves the office, so they are more disciplined because they don’t want to be seen as late and embarrassing themselves. This will crush the habit of naughty ASN people who just tickle and then run away to the coffee shop.

With a smart city, it is hoped that the capital city of Indonesia will be more advanced and become the center of a modern government, which can accommodate the wishes of many people. Not only for people in East Kalimantan or other Kalimantan regions, but also throughout Indonesia. We really have to keep up with the times and make the best use of technology.

The nation’s capital city that has been designed with the smart city concept will bring many benefits to the people. The processing of important papers will be faster and they will no longer be bothered with the meandering bureaucracy. In addition, the technology in smart cities also eliminates extortion so that there are no longer unscrupulous employees there.

)* Authors are contributors to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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