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The Chairman of the Republic of Indonesia DPR Affirms the New Criminal Code as a Criminal Law Recodification Capable of Responding to Developments in Society


Jakarta — The Chairperson of the People’s Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI), Puan Maharani emphasized that the newest Criminal Code (KUHP) is an effort to recodify criminal law and is also able to respond to all developments in society.

“The Criminal Code Bill is an open recodification of all criminal provisions and responds to current developments in society,” he said.

Furthermore, the PDIP Party politician also explained that the whole process of discussion and discussion of the national Criminal Code had been carried out by the government for a long time, namely in 1963.

According to him, the change in the legal system in the country is very important because the situation and conditions in this country are very different from the colonial era.

Therefore, the old Dutch Criminal Code is no longer relevant.

Furthermore, according to Puan, the ratification of the national Criminal Code is a big step for this nation to carry out criminal law reform to become a more democratic rule of law state.

He also explained that at least the enactment of the national Criminal Code would really take effect in 2025.

“Stipulation of the Criminal Code Bill to become a Law is a big step for the Indonesian people in carrying out criminal law reform within the framework of a democratic rule of law. There are 3 years, a transitional period for the implementation of the Criminal Code Law and it will become effective in 2025, “concluded the First Woman as Chair of the Indonesian Parliament.

Puan Maharani acknowledged that it is absolutely undeniable that the conditions of society in Indonesia are very diverse.

This diversity then gives rise to differences in viewpoints, so efforts should be made to unite these differences clearly through a much clearer legal system, namely the national Criminal Code.

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