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The Community Supports the Economic Recovery Program in the Pandemic Period


By: Raavi Ramadhan) *

The government held a national economic recovery program to overcome the financial situation of the country which had shattered because of corona. This program is very good because the ones who are pushed forward are not only BUMN companies, but also MSME entrepreneurs. Hopefully the national economic recovery program can make Indonesia’s financial condition healthier.

The national economic recovery program is a large project from the Government. No kidding, more than 600 trillion rupiahs were poured for the success of this program. Almost all sectors get intensive in the national economic recovery program, ranging from corporations, sectoral and local governments, the health sector, to MSMEs.

Nowadays many people lose their jobs because their offices reduce the number of employees. The reason is because the business is quiet due to the blow from Corona. The people who need it get social assistance from the government in the form of 600,000 rupiah in cash or food packages, and can be in the form of BLT or PKH assistance. This assistance is given up to 3 months in the future. Funds to provide social assistance as much as 203 trillion rupiah.

The national economic recovery program is helping people to get social assistance and up to now only 28 percent has been absorbed. This is reasonable because social assistance money is given in stages, so that absorption is also gradual. In giving this social assistance, the gift is really supervised so that only those who need help must be on target.

For MSME business people also get relief in the form of a reduction in loan interest rates from the Bank, which initially 6 percent to 3 percent per month. In addition to being reduced, the loan period is also extended, so what must be paid is not as much as usual. This makes MSME entrepreneurs able to breathe freely, because when the co-19 pandemic takes place, their stores become quiet, so that it had difficulty paying the installments to the bank.

The government has budgeted up to 123 trillion rupiah to help banks and finance companies run this program. With a note that MSME entrepreneurs must apply in advance. Because the only entrepreneurs who get loans under 500 million rupiah.

To overcome corona, the government also injected more than 87 trillion rupiah. That kind of money is used to buy PPE and medical devices such as ventilators, also to buy co-19 drugs and pay intensive from health workers. Hospital verification is currently continuing, so it is certain that this assistance is right on target.

Corporations such as state-owned companies also received assistance from the government amounting to 53.37 trillion rupiah. Apparently not all BUMNs are in financially favorable conditions. So the government injects funds so that the company can run again.

When SOEs are required to be healthy again, of course they must be accompanied by adequate infrastructure to support their activities. So the government has also made a move to continue national strategic projects and build toll roads, smelter projects, and other projects. So they can go hand in hand and make huge profits.

The national economic program must be supported by the people because all of this results for the people. Provision of funds to trillions is not a waste, but a way to improve our economic situation. So Indonesia can survive the fearsome recession. We certainly do not want to experience the monetary crisis as in 1998 ago.

The people also do not need to worry about the injection of large funds to make this program a success, because the president has instructed all parties to monitor it. From the attorney general’s office, the authorities, to the village government, all collaborated to ensure the program ran smoothly. There will be no KKN and fundraising in this program, because the perpetrators have been threatened with severe penalties.

) * The writer is a Bogor Pakistani university student

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