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The community welcomes the Covid-19 Vaccination Program positively


By: Deka Prawira ) *

When we have passed the pandemic for more than 8 months, there is new hope for an end to it. Vaccines Corona is expected to be ready on D esember 2020, or no later than early next year. The public welcomed this immunization, because they did not want to be infected with the Covid-19 virus.

The public has been waiting for the plan to enter the Corona vaccine into Indonesia. Although currently the vaccine status is still in the testing and refinement period, it is certain that immunization will begin in a few months. Vaccines are very important so that our body’s resistance will be stronger from the Corona attack , so that the patient will decrease and the pandemic ends quickly.

UNICEF conducted a survey regarding the acceptance of the covid-19 vaccine in Indonesia. As a result, 65% of respondents said they wanted to be immunized when the vaccine was available. Meanwhile, only 7.6% rejected it. Then, 75% of the public already knows that the Corona vaccine will be available in the near future. This was stated by Rizky Ika, UNICEF communication development specialist.

Rizky continued, vaccine acceptance depends on geography, economy, social status, and education. Most vaccine receipts are in Papua, which is 75%. Meanwhile, the lowest was in Aceh, namely 45%. This survey was conducted in order for the government to implement a communication strategy and implementation based on data. So those who refuse vaccines will be approached and convinced of their safety.

People who refuse vaccines because they think immunization is haram. This still needs to be straightened out. Because in its manufacture, the covid-19 vaccine does not contain substances made from pigs. Because in the manufacturing process, it is supervised by various parties. Starting from the government, the covid-19 task force team, to religious leaders.

This is where the role of religious leaders in supporting government programs is necessary . They are expected to support the Corona immunization movement and use its influence, so that more people want to be injected with vaccines. Because the status is lawful and safe. So that 100% of the people want to be vaccinated by the government.

Giving this vaccine is very important because after being injected, the community will be immune from Corona . So that we can end the pandemic and do our activities normally. If the pandem ends, it is hoped that economic conditions will improve again and Indonesia will survive the economic crisis volume 2. This positive domino effect needs to be recognized by the public.

So, it is hoped that all people will be injected with the covid-19 vaccine. As good citizens, they are orderly and willing to obey government regulations , including Corona immunization . After all, so far we are familiar with immunization, from measles, hepatitis, to polio. So don’t anyone else refuse the covid-19 vaccine

After all are vaccinated, people are still expected to maintain immunity and hygiene, so that the body is healthy and the environment is clean. So that the good habit of washing hands and wearing masks will continue to become a culture, even though the pandemic has ended. Because it is proven to be healthy for the body.

The covid-1 9 vaccine is planned to be carried out in stages, starting in December 2020 or January next year. Later, the parties who will be injected with the first Corona immunization will be medical personnel, because they are at high risk of contracting from patients. Also parties who frequently interact with other people, for example those who work in the realm of public services.

The public is asked not to worry, because later everyone will be given the covid-19 vaccine. Priority is given to medical personnel because they really need it as a protective fortress, not as a child. As well as a form of respect, because they are willing to work in PPE for hours without getting tired.

Corona immunization will only be held in a few months. However, it has been confirmed that the majority of the people agree with it. They want the Covid-19 pandemic to finish quickly and carry out normal activities, without fear of the risk of contracting Corona outside the home.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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