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The Covid-19 Pandemic Is Still Ferocious, Citizens Are Urged to Discipline Health Care Facilities


By: Deka Prawira) *

The description of the implementation of health prokes or protocols is starting to be encouraged. Not only starting this year 2021. However, the previous year since the pandemic was still showing its fangs. In fact, a number of operations related to this prokes are being improved.

Implementing health protocols is now not just a formality. However, it has become a routine that must be adhered to when the pandemic is still striking. The pandemic that has gripped nearly the past year has forced people’s habits to continue to adapt.

According to public health expert, Dr Hermawan Saputra. He also reminded the public to be more disciplined in implementing prokes. More precisely in the era of adaptation to new habits.

Although face-to-face schools and other sectors were opened, considering the increase in COVID-19. The government policy to implement online classes is also officially carried out by the PSBB. The PSBB was even carried out on a tighter scale.

In fact, there are penalties for violating parties if they deliberately violate these rules. Not only written rules, state apparatus such as the police also conducted operations.

In some areas, mask surgery has been implemented, until business opening and closing hours. This is so that all parties are able to look after each other. In reducing the number of the spread of COVID-19. Given this virus expansion is fast enough so it requires very serious handling.

The application of health protocols is suspected to have a broad scope. This of course must start from personal hygiene. Wash your hands with soap every time you do something. Including when ending the activity.

Eating properly cooked food, wearing a mask, and suggesting regular spraying of disinfectant. In fact, in public places, social restrictions are also required . So, people do not directly contact one another.

This is claimed to be quite effective in fighting Corona. The more so with the program at home. So that the virus can be overcome perfectly. Judging from the cases that have sprung up with various clusters. Make the government keen to do a number of real efforts.

New clusters that actually coexist with our daily lives. Or maybe even in conjunction with daily mobility. It is worth watching, the symptoms of COVID-19 seem unpredictable.

Especially OTG aka people without symptoms who need extra warning . Because, there are many spreads with the following types. Suddenly, when tested for antigen or PCR, it was just positive. Isn’t that scary enough.

Therefore, we hope that the appeals to a series of health programs given by the government can be obeyed. This is for the sake of protecting ourselves as well as those we care about. Do not deny that this new habit era seems complicated or troublesome.

One of them is the use of masks which sometimes make breathing conditions stuffy. But all good things start with the smallest first. Intended so that it becomes a habit that is easy to live up to.

If this is the case, the brain and body signals will automatically contribute to support this activity. Brain alarms will naturally remind us of the process. Which is deeply ingrained.

It could be that in the future this habit will bring many benefits. With the presence or absence of COVID-19, life will be healthier, more aware of the outside world. Including being alert to face all health conditions.

After all, this process is implemented for the common good. It can’t be, all of this is done alone. Hence, we all have to clean up. Very aware of the pandemic which seems reluctant to leave and makes the life order uncertain.

However, there will always be wisdom in every event. Collaboration of all elements of this country is needed. Taking care of each other has become a priority. It’s possible that the masks we wear are an attempt to keep other people from us.

Given, we too have the potential to infect, right? Stop being selfish, negative thinking to wrong assumptions. Because, this can make things worse. Situations that are not conducive are very vulnerable to increasing the expansion of COVID-19.

Yes, like the emergence of new clusters as mentioned above. Realize that COVID-19 is indeed threatening. It is better to immediately change the habit for prokes discipline. Remember the saying, keep an umbrella before it rains. Better to prevent than cure.

Let’s work together against COVID-19. So that the spread can be suppressed quickly, so that the hope of a normal life will soon be welcomed back. Be sure!

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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