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The Death Rate Due to Covid Continues to Slope


By: Zainudin Zidane)*

The government continues to be optimal in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic, which is reflected in the continued decline in deaths due to Covid-19. However, the public is advised to always obey the Prokes because the Corona virus pandemic is still happening.

Corona has been a dreaded disease for the past 2 years, because the Covid-19 virus has the greatest risk of death. Moreover, if the patient has not been vaccinated, he or she can feel dizzy, short of breath, and potentially life-threatening from a cytokine storm. Therefore, when someone is tested positive for Covid, they try hard to get treatment and get room for hospitalization, so that they can recover quickly.

But we should breathe a sigh of relief because the death toll from Corona continues to decline. The head of the Covid-19 task force expert team, doctor Wiku Adisasmito stated that in the past week, there were only less than 1,000 deaths per day due to the Covid-19 virus. While the average is 536 deaths due to Corona (all over Indonesia).

The fact that more and more people have survived the threat of death due to Corona is something to be grateful for, because what was predicted did not happen. When the pandemic is prolonged (almost 2 years) it is feared that the population in Indonesia will decrease drastically due to this evil virus. However, it was not proven, because more patients were healthy than died.

The decline in the number of deaths due to Corona is also the result of the success of PPKM. This program is able to control the transmission of the Covid-19 virus in Indonesia, even only 20% of the initial number, while reducing the number of patients who died. This is a very good progress.

One of the causes of the decrease in the death rate is that there are fewer patients and it causes the hospital to be quieter, so that medical personnel can work with less heavy burdens. They work more optimally so that they focus on existing patients, so they can recover quickly. Patients who only show mild symptoms are also only asked to self-isolate so that hospitals are no longer overcrowded.

Doctor Wiku continued, the low death rate due to Corona also affected the BOR (the occupancy rate of beds in hospitals). The reason is because the patient can recover quickly, it only takes a maximum of 2 weeks to stay at the hospital, then go home in good health. We can be optimistic about ending the pandemic period faster than initial estimates.

Moreover, it is also supported by ventilators and other medical equipment in hospitals which are increasingly complete. So that the patient will not be distraught because of fighting over the ventilator or oxygen cylinder.
When many survivors of Corona are grateful to be able to recover, then the spirit to work and continue to live. So that they can work again and survive even in the midst of a pandemic. Although we don’t know when the pandemic will end, we must be optimistic and work hard, so that the future is even better, and we are no longer afraid of being haunted by Corona.

Even though the number of deaths from Corona has decreased, we still have to be vigilant. Don’t take your mask off carelessly and don’t be lazy to wear it, because you still have to wear it even if you go to a neighbor’s house for a while. Masks are the first protection from droplets that carry the Covid-19 virus and you certainly don’t want to lose your life because you are lazy to wear a mask, right?

The decline in the number of Corona patients is something that we are very grateful for, because we can survive from Corona. All of this happened because of PPKM and other programs set by the government. However, everyone is still obliged to implement the 10M health protocol and don’t be careless in the slightest, because the pandemic is not really over.

)* The author is a citizen living in Pekanbaru

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