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The Designation of Papuan Separatists as Terrorists Is Right


Marco Soares) *

The KKB has been designated a terrorist group by the government. This decision was considered very appropriate, because the KKB had hurt the community and terrorized it in various ways, so that it could be categorized as a terrorist. With the new label, it is hoped that the eradication of the KKB will be more effective and hopefully they will be quickly removed from the Earth of Cendrawasih.

Peace in Papua has always been damaged by the Armed Criminal Group (KKB). They have repeatedly caused trouble by frightening civilians, burning schools, and even killing people and officials. Their out-of-bounds behavior certainly makes many people antipathy, not only those who live in Papua but also in other areas.

The government acted decisively by establishing the KKB as a separatist group. The Coordinating Minister for Political Affairs, Mahfud MD, stated that this determination was based on suggestions from many parties and has existed since 2019. In that sense, this is not a sudden decision due to the large number of officers who have become victims of the KKB atrocities.

If the KKB is declared a separatist group, then the pursuit of them will be more intensive, because there are reinforcements from the anti-terror Special Detachment 88. If the Special Detachment is advanced, it is hoped that they will bully the KKB so that they are afraid and will surrender. And no longer dared to send snipers to attack civilians and officials.

Apart from the Densus, other assistance has arrived in Papua, namely troops from Infantry Battalion 315 / Garuda. The team dispatched by Pangdam III Siliwangi Major General TNI Nugroho Budi Wuryanto was nicknamed the demon army, because of its ferocity in attacking the enemy. They have above average skills in shooting and war strategy, and can sniff out the enemy’s presence.

With the arrival of this assistance, it is hoped that the eradication of the KKB will be more intensive. They can be combined with teams from the TNI and Polri, who are dispatched directly to the conflict-prone Puncak Regency. Because it was reported that there was one KKB headquarters in the area.

Eradicating the KKB must be carried out, for the safety of Papuan civilians. Do not let any further victims, either injured or casualties. If KKB is not removed from Bumi Cendrawasih, it is feared that they will go crazy and burn more schools in Papua.

Intelligence Observer Stanislaus Riyanta stated that the designation of the KKB as a terrorist group was based on Law number 5 of 2018 on terrorism. In the law, it is stated that terrorism is an act that uses violence or the threat of violence which creates an atmosphere of terror or widespread fear. Also the victims were mass and caused damage to vital strategic objects.

Judging from the law, it is true that the KKB is a terrorist group, because they have repeatedly caused riots in Papua, especially ahead of the OPM anniversary on 1 December. At that time, the KKB forced the public to fly the Morning Star flag as the OPM national flag.
Even though civilians reject it because they love the Republic of Indonesia.
If there are residents who refuse to follow the KKB, then they will scare them with firearms, and they even want to kill civilians. They also shot the authorities on purpose. The shooting and murder was certainly a crime.

When the KKB has a hobby of terrorizing, doesn’t it deserve to be categorized as a terrorist organization? Because they created chaos so that the OPM would be victorious and Papua be independent. Even though Papua was not being colonized by Indonesia and they were wrong about the definition of independence and colonialism.

The mention of the KKB as a terrorist group is accurate, because they have indeed committed acts of terror that endanger the safety of the community. It is hoped that with this new status, the eradication of the KKB will be more effective and faster. So that they can be removed to the roots.

) * International Relations Student, Unps Bandung

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