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The Development of IKN Attracts Domestic and International Investors


Jakarta — The development of the nation’s capital city (IKN) is getting more massive ahead of its inauguration in 2024. During the construction period, both domestic and foreign investors are very interested in investing their capital. They believe in the future of IKN which will become a modern capital city with smart concepts:  green city, smart city, and sponge city. The arrival of investors will make IKN more advanced and become the most spectacular capital city.

The IKN will be moved from DKI Jakarta to North Penajam Paser, East Kalimantan. According to the plan, IKN Nusantara will be ready for habitation in 2 years, and the Indonesian Independence Day ceremony on August 17 2024 will not be held in Jakarta but at the IKN Presidential Palace in Kalimantan. Therefore construction continues to be carried out in accordance with the schedule and targets set by the government.

In order to support the development of IKN, the government allows investors to invest there. With a cooperative system, it will be mutually beneficial for all parties. 

The Minister of National Development Planning stated that many investors had entered into agreements with IKN Nusantara. These investors come from within and outside the country. For domestic investors who have confirmed their investment there are more than 10, while for foreign investors come from 3 countries.

In a sense, the number of investors who have entered the construction of the Nusantara IKN is very good. The reason is because the more investors, the more money invested there. Automatically the development will be according to schedule and IKN is beautifully arranged and almost perfect.

When IKN is built, it requires enormous funds, for the core area alone it takes 43 trillion rupiah, not to mention other areas. The development of IKN requires a lot of APBN funds and only 20% of the budget is funded by the state. The rest uses capital from domestic and foreign investors.

The presence of investors is indeed allowed so that IKN can quickly stand up proudly and become a modern and beautiful capital city. With investors, APBN funds will be safe so they can be used for other posts. People don’t need to worry because the government is thinking of ways so that IKN can be built without disrupting state finances.

Investors interested in entering IKN are not only local but also foreign entrepreneurs. This indicates that Indonesia is trusted by many parties so that later the development of the Archipelago IKN will be very smooth.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono stated that interest in investing in IKN Nusantara had increased 25 times from the total land offered in 2022. The land will be used for education, health, housing and office facilities.

Minister Basuki added that investment in educational facilities is not only for tertiary institutions, but also international schools. Among them are Multimedia Nusantara University and Jakarta International School. Then, there are also private research institutes, housing, National Hospitals, etc. One of the hospitals interested in IKN is Hermina Hospital.

Investment in various sectors will be very good because it will make IKN a capital city with complete facilities. New residents of IKN (who are civil servants transferred from DKI Jakarta) can send their children to good quality schools. They also enjoy modern city facilities such as electric vehicles. Thanks to the help of investors, IKN has become a sophisticated place.

If the investment increases drastically, it will be very good because the construction of the National Archipelago National Park will be on target and make it a green and sophisticated city of the future. Investors are confident about IKN because they like the concept. Not only a modern city but also  a green city and  sponge city . Where this city is in the middle of a beautiful forest, and its development will not damage the environment.   

IKN will encourage increased investment in Indonesia. The city isn’t finished yet but the investors are already lining up to take part in its construction. IKN is the future of Indonesia and a dream city, which is modern and all digital. It is very natural for investors to want to enter the IKN project because it is guaranteed to be profitable.

Investors are very interested in investing because Kalimantan does have a lot of potential, from natural resources, mining materials, to human resources. This potential will be processed and become superior. A native of Kalimantan also joins in and is proud because the more investors, the more employees, and can reduce the unemployment rate there.

The public is asked not to misunderstand foreign investment in Nusantara National Institutes of Industry because this is not a new model of colonialism. The arrival of pure foreign investors to do business in Indonesia and the cooperation is definitely profitable.

IKN Nusantara will be more lively in its development thanks to domestic and foreign investors. They believe in the future of this city with the concepts of  green city , smart  city , and  sponge city IKN will be a modern and environmentally friendly capital city and this concept is highly favored by entrepreneurs investing in Indonesia.  

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