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The Development of Nusantara National Sciences is Equipped with Sophisticated Weather Sensors


By : Bagas Adrian Nathaniel )*

The development of the National Capital City (IKN) of the Archipelago carried out by the government has been equipped with very sophisticated weather sensors and is even capable of detecting many other things. It has been proven that the construction of Indonesia’s new capital city was not something that President Joko Widodo was doing lightly.

Various kinds of efforts to further support the succession of the development of the Archipelago Capital City or IKN Nusantara, especially in 2023, continue to be intensified by the government. Regarding the security aspect, the North Penajam Paser Police (PPU) also has a high commitment and efforts to continue to secure the ongoing development.

Of course, these various efforts are so that development at IKN Nusantara does not experience any obstacles at all and is also able to run according to predetermined targets smoothly without any obstacles accompanying it.

Meanwhile, related to succession efforts and also securing the construction of the National Archipelago National Park, the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) of East Kalimantan has installed a very sophisticated weather sensor equipment, namely the  Automatic Weather Station  (AWS) in the Archipelago National Park area.

This tool has the function of being able to detect multiple sensors at once, not just the weather, but also has wind sensor detection, temperature, humidity to rainfall sensors, which all of these conditions often occur in Indonesia.

AWS, which is a tool in the form of a tower, has been installed in the Zero Point area of ​​the Indonesian Archipelago’s IKN surrounded by an iron fence to secure it. In this regard, the East Kalimantan BMKG Coordinator, Erika Mardiyanti stated that the installation of this tool was indeed concrete evidence of BMKG’s support in the development of the Archipelago’s Capital City.

Not only as a form of support, but also as the role of the BMKG itself in supporting IKN Nusantara, which is in accordance with the duties and functions of the BMKG. According to him, all Indonesian people must participate and give very full support for the development of the National Archipelagic Sciences.

Especially, for some support in the form of providing adequate tools because at several points in the Archipelago IKN they still do not have supporting equipment, so the BMKG immediately moved quickly to realize this support, namely by installing very sophisticated weather detectors.

Furthermore, Erika said that the installed AWS tower was really needed at IKN Nusantara because it was capable of detecting the weather. Not only does it detect, but it can explain the conditions in that area in much more detail because of its ability to detect various types of sensors.

Meanwhile, the Head of the BMKG, Dwikora Karnawati also emphasized that the agency she leads is very ready to continue to fully support the entire process of organizing activities starting from preparation, development to moving the Indonesian National Capital (IKN).

The support provided by BMKG is also carried out with extraordinary coordination and integration with the IKN Authority to continue to make the development of the New Capital City successful. In particular, the important role that the BMKG itself has is in terms of preparing data and all kinds of information in infrastructure development at the IKN, including mitigating the potential for natural disasters to various activities related to meteorology, climatology and geophysics.

Dwikora explained that actually Kalimantan itself is an island that tends to have a relatively smaller seismic factor compared to several other islands in the country. This is because Kalimantan is not at all in the Megathrust Zone or the collision zone between the Indo-Australian and Eurasian plates.

Therefore, the condition of the possibility of an earthquake in Kalimantan can be said to be relatively small and also if other areas experience an earthquake, the island of Kalimantan will not be affected too much. Even so, that doesn’t mean that the island of Kalimantan doesn’t have earthquakes at all.

To anticipate all possibilities that might occur, the BMKG itself immediately strengthened the early warning system for earthquakes on the island of Kalimantan by increasing the number of accelerograph sensors and intensity meters so that the mitigation of potential natural disasters can be far more optimal in the Archipelago’s IKN.

Then, other support provided by BMKG, his party will also continue to guard President Jokowi’s vision and mission, namely to make IKN Nusantara an inclusive city, a green city, a smart city and also a city that certainly has a paradigm of sustainable development. .

Equipped with very sophisticated sensors to be able to detect various possibilities for bad weather and other things, the construction of the National Archipelago National Park which was carried out during the era of President Jokowi’s leadership proved to be a manifestation of his strong commitment to equitable development in Indonesia. Apart from that, all the advanced facilities and infrastructure added by the BMKG are solely for the sake of continuing to support the successful development of the National Archipelago’s IKN.

)* The author is a contributor to Kawiwara Pustaka

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