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The Government Anticipates a Surge in Tourists during the Lebaran Holiday


By: Savira Ayu)*

The government has allowed homecoming activities, this of course will have an impact on the mobility of people to their hometowns and the increase in tourists in various regions.

This Eid holiday, of course, will be very unfortunate if it is not used for a vacation at tourist attractions. To anticipate increased activity and community visits at tourist attractions during this year’s Eid holiday, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) has made maximum and thorough preparations.

Sandiaga Uno as the Kemenparekraf admitted that he had prepared a program towards tourist destinations along the homecoming route, to the establishment of the Adem post so that travelers could go home safely and healthily. It prepares programs to break up traffic congestion to destinations such as tourist villages. This Tourism Village is along the homecoming route and this can be a unique sensation that will present different circumstances from previous homecomings.

The development of tourist destinations that have been injected with funds from the government is not small. He hopes, these tourist areas are ready to welcome tourist arrivals to the fullest. There was Rp 72 trillion that was brought in to develop the regional economy. It is hoped that these tourist areas are ready to offer tourism and creative products.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is committed to coordinating with local governments to monitor crowds at tourist attractions. The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy also made a letter addressed to regional heads, namely a Letter of Application for Assistance for Monitoring Tourism Destinations during the 2022 Eid Al-Fitr Holiday throughout Indonesia to Heads of Provincial Offices and Heads of Regency/City Offices in charge of the Tourism and Creative Economy sectors on April 18, 2022. .

In addition, there are also circulars for local governments, business actors, associations and communities to provide the best service to tourists who will vacation during Eid.

Sandiaga also advised that this Lebaran momentum is a good time for creative economy actors to gain profits, but they must not neglect health protocols. Moreover, at this time Covid-19 is still there and it is hoped that it will not become violent after Eid. He also asked tourists to book tickets using digital applications to reduce the potential for crowds.

Sandiaga said, tourism business actors had prepared in advance so that tourism activities could run smoothly and visitors who came would feel safe, comfortable and get memories when traveling. Of course, this preparation is adjusted to the PPKM level as well as prokes and CHSE standards in various tourist attractions.

One example of anticipating a surge in tourists is the collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and the Yogyakarta Tourism Office in terms of health protocols and the use of QR codes to prevent accumulation of tourists. In addition, the use of the Visit Jogja application for non-cash payments is also continuously encouraged.

Not only related to efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Kemenparekraf together with the DIY Provincial Tourism Office are also trying to improve tourist services by preventing expensive parking rates, pedicab drivers who lie to tourists, expensive tariffs imposed by traders and the quality of souvenirs must also be good.

On a different occasion, the Central Java provincial government also encouraged booster vaccinations to welcome travelers. This is done to anticipate a surge in tourists, the government also applies traffic engineering.

Ganjar Pranowo as the Governor of Central Java also asked the manager of tourist destinations to control and monitor visitors to always wear masks. It is hoped that every tourist destination has installed a care-protect application barcode, a body temperature monitoring device and most importantly, is to limit the maximum number of tourist visitors.

If necessary, tourist destination managers can also coordinate with relevant agencies to prepare security posts, so that tourists will feel comfortable while in tourist attractions.

The government has been optimal in anticipating a surge in tourists during the Eid holiday season. However, the public is still required to always obey the Prokes considering the pandemic is not over yet as well as efforts to prevent a spike in Covid-19 cases after the Lebaran Holiday.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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