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The Government Is Agile to Handle Covid-19 and Restore the National Economy


By: Raavi Ramadhan )*

Indonesia is still in a state of the Covid-19 pandemic and creates various problems, especially in the health and financial sectors. The government is trying hard to deal with the ferocity of the corona virus while at the same time restoring the effects caused by it in financial terms. This is done by holding a national economic recovery program.

The Indonesian government is dealing with the Covid-19 virus in various ways. Among other things, establishing health protocols, promoting mass rapid tests in public places, and supporting corona drug research. The government is also working with scientists to research the Covid-19 vaccine, as well as holding volunteer programs so that the vaccine can be launched quickly.

Patients infected with corona are also exempted from fees, which are borne by the BPJS. Medical personnel also receive hazmat suits, medical equipment, and there are special allowances for them. All the efforts made by the government have succeeded in reducing the death rate of corona patients to only 5% of the total number of Covid-19 victims in Indonesia.

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only taken patient victims, but also has an economic impact. The country’s financial condition is sluggish because the export-import business is quiet. There are workers who have been laid off by the company. Many people choose to buy groceries and other primary necessities, so that the sellers of accessories and other tertiary needs are lonely.

To cope with a declining economy, a national economic recovery program was held. According to Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto, the government is promoting labor-intensive programs and loans to local governments. No kidding, the budget reaches hundreds of trillions. Everything is done so that we avoid the financial crisis.

With the labor-intensive program in the national economic recovery project, employees who were previously unemployed can work again. They are busy working on building projects and other projects that are carried out again after the work from home period is over. Infrastructure projects continue to be worked on, so that the results can be enjoyed by all Indonesian people.

If someone asks, why are there so many projects during a pandemic? The answer is of course there is a special budget to realize this program in the APBN. In fact, in the present, we need to accelerate development. The goal is that when the pandemic is over, building facilities and other infrastructure can be immediately enjoyed and utilized.

There is also a tapera (public housing savings) program to make it easier for people to own their own homes, with low down payments and installments. The interest is not as big as conventional mortgages. So people will be calm because they have their own house and can work peacefully.

Entrepreneurs who have dependents in banks and finance companies also get intensive from the government, in the form of reducing installment interest. Those whose business is sluggish can breathe a sigh of relief, because the nominal credit is not as large as usual due to low interest rates. Moreover, the installment period can be extended. So the nominal installment is also reduced.

Not only middle class entrepreneurs, MSME entrepreneurs also get attention from the government. They each received a fund of 2.4 million rupiah for additional working capital. This is a grant, not a loan. So it can be used to start a new business or raise an old business and the money is made wholesale.

MSME businessmen are also facilitated by the plan to loosen business licensing. If the omnibus law is passed, then they can make official permits quickly, without tiring bureaucracy. This official permit can make it easier for them to export their sold goods abroad, so that their business can be on an international scale.

The stimulus provided by the government through intensive credit, facilities for the tapera program, and facilitated business licensing, made the community happy. They are happy because there is a program for the welfare of life. The government is also paying attention by supporting research on vaccines and corona drug combinations.

)* The author is a student at Pakuan Bogor University

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