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The Government is Preparing Corona Vaccine Facilities Optimally


By: Edward Rumingkang) *

The corona vaccine that will land in Indonesia in the next 1-2 months makes the public happy. There is hope that the pandemic will end soon. The government is currently preparing vaccine facilities and arranging plans so that the corona immunization runs smoothly.

People are almost tired of living life during the pandemic for more than 7 months. But now they are relieved because soon there will be a mass injection of the corona vaccine in Indonesia. This vaccine is claimed to have an effectiveness of more than 95%, making people who get it immune from the Covid-19 virus.

Before the vaccine is really ready to enter Indonesia, the government has prepared everything so that when the injection starts it will run without problems. President Jokowi also reviewed the immunization simulations so that the whole process ran smoothly. One of the government’s focuses in this preparation is the procurement of vaccine facilities.

The vaccine ingredients are in the form of a cold chain or a cold place so that the temperature is maintained. According to the spokesperson for the covid-19 handling task force Doctor Wiku Adisasmito, logistically, the readiness of the cold chain procedure is ready, the quality and effectiveness are maintained. Currently, 97% of the cold chains are ready.
Cold chains are needed because if the amount is not enough or the temperature is too hot, it is feared that it will damage the contents of the Covid-19 vaccine. So that the giving of corona immunization is ineffective. It’s a shame if the vaccine that has been obtained with a long wait and is obtained from careful research, is damaged due to carelessness like this.

Apart from the cold chain, another preparation is the number of human resources during the corona immunization. Because many people were being injected, so it took a lot of officers so that everything went smoothly. If indeed the number of medical personnel in the village is lacking, then volunteers can be recruited. So that the work of the health workers is light and they are not tired.

The government is also selecting which regions are prioritized for getting the covid-19 vaccine. The area selected is based on the number of population, number of cases, area of ​​area, and others. So don’t just choose. For example, when the number of corona patients in eastern Indonesia is booming, it will be prioritized.

When there is a city with a red, even black zone, it is given priority over other places with an orange or green zone status. So, priority selection is not based on the city’s distance from Jakarta. Or based on the closeness of the mayor or regent with the central government. The government is trying to be fair and will give vaccines to all its people.

Meanwhile, Indonesian citizens who are prioritized to get the corona vaccine first are doctors and other medical personnel. This does not mean childish them. However, health workers are indeed more at risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus from patients. So that the condition is very urgent to get priority for corona immunization.

After the doctors have been immunized, then the civilians will have their turn. Everyone must be injected with the corona vaccine, so that there are no more Covid patients and the pandemic can end soon. Don’t even refuse immunization for various reasons, because there is no herd immunity when the Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing.

While waiting for the vaccine to be given, we are still obliged to adhere to health protocols and keep wearing masks when leaving the house. Do not approach crowds because corona can be transmitted through dirty and stuffy air. Maintain hygiene and immunity so you are not easily infected with the covid-19 virus.

The preparation of the means for the covid-19 vaccine is almost complete in terms of ingredients. Vaccines are still prioritized, so that regions with the highest number of corona cases get them first. We wait patiently for his arrival, and wait our turn to be immunized. Don’t worry because everyone will get the vaccine in the end.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press and Student Circle

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