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The Healing Rate of Covid- 19 Patients in Indonesia Increases


By: Quratul Aini)*

The number of people who have recovered from Covid- 19 continues to increase . This is encouraging news and brings positive hope in efforts to deal with the Covid- 19 pandemic .

Have you ever counted how long we have experienced the Covid- 19 pandemic ? For over 12 months it was like a nightmare. But we still have to be optimistic because every disease has a cure and the storm will soon pass. The government continues to make various breakthroughs to deal with Corona and save the lives of every Indonesian citizen.

The programs made by the government in dealing with Corona have finally paid off. According to data Worldmeters, per 13 July 2021 there were 34 754 additional patients recover in a day. This is very good news, as it set a record as the third-ranked cure rate worldwide, after Brazil and India.

According to data from the Covid- 19 Task Force Team , the highest increase in the number of Corona patients who recovered, the record was held by the province of DKI Jakarta. Da 6,597 patients recover per day. While the second is the province of West Java, which is 1,666 patients who are free of Corona .

If this number persists, even increases, then we are optimistic that we will overcome the pandemic faster. The government, health workers , the Covid-19 Task Force Team and other officers are working hard to increase the number of recovered patients. We all want to be healthy and free from the grip of Corona as soon as possible, and return to activities as usual as before being hit by the pandemic.

The increase in the number of Corona patients who recover in a day is the result of various programs, including free medicine, vitamins, and online consultations for Covid patients who are self-isolating. There were 300,000 packets of medicine given to them.

The government is aware that not all patients who are self-isolating can afford to buy their own medicine. Therefore, assistance from the government is very valuable and makes them healthy quickly. Especially if those who are in isolation lack funds or do not get medical help. An online consultation will be very helpful for them because they can get advice from a trusted doctor.

In addition, the government has also created an emergency PPKM program that really tightens the mobility of citizens and no one should cross the boundaries between cities/districts and provinces. Even toll roads are blocked and guarded by the authorities. Except for those who are urgent, such as medical personnel or want to visit their parents who almost died.

PPKM emergency that will last until the 20th of J uly 2021, enforced by very strict and no one dares to violate the insulation. Residents also act in an orderly manner by staying at home, even though it is still school holidays. They are aware that all this is for the safety of the citizens, because mass mobility can increase the number of Corona patients .

Another program that has succeeded in increasing the number of Corona patients is the freeing of costs for patients treated in hospitals, provided they have a BPJS card. All costs will be paid by the government. Considering the very high price of medicine and rooms, the freebies are very grateful, because the patients just focus on healing themselves.

The increase in the number of recovered Corona patients is very encouraging because we have strong hopes to end the pandemic period as soon as possible. When many recover, it is hoped that there will be no further transmission of the Covid- 19 virus , because everyone is on standby to increase their respective immunity. Hopefully the pandemic will end soon and we can move freely as usual.

)* The author is a citizen living in Pekanbaru

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