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The Implementation of Emergency PPKM Has Been Through Various Studies


By: Raditya Rahman)*

The Emergency PPKM which has been in effect since July 3-20 2021 has gone through various studies. This rule is enforced to reduce the number of corona patients, so the public needs to comply with this policy for mutual safety.

The number of corona patients is increasing and according to data from the COVID-19 task force, there are 26,000 new patients in a day. The increasing number of people affected by the corona virus has made the public more anxious because they do not want to be infected with the covid-19 virus. Therefore, the government imposed an emergency PPKM from 3-20 July 2021 to reduce community mobility.

The emergency PPKM program has gone through various studies. The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment as well as Deputy Chair of the Covid-19 Handling Committee and the National Economic Recovery Luhut B Pandjaitan stated that PPKM was carefully prepared through studies and listening to the views of various parties, such as epidemiology, medical associations, local governments, etc.

Minister Luhut added that President Jokowi also agreed with these steps. all governors, mayors, and regents will strictly implement emergency PPKM. In a sense, all officials from the highest to the lowest levels are required to implement and supervise emergency PPKM so that this program is 100% successful.

Minister Luhut’s statement shows that the government is not careless in planning PPKM. This program has a noble goal, namely reducing the number of corona patients. This shows that the government is very concerned about its people and that there are no new victims who are at high risk and lose their lives.

The community is asked to be orderly and obey all the rules in the emergency PPKM. Don’t even complain and blame the government, because their lives are saved while they are at home. The reason is, the surge in corona patients occurs because of the delta variant virus which infects 2 times faster, so that person will feel heavy head and very weak.

Company leaders must also be willing to work from home employees. It’s better to be at home and do work from home than to go out and get corona. The reason is because the delta variant of the covid-19 virus can be transmitted when passing OTG.

Before the emergency PPKM is implemented, the government must consult with doctors and epidemiologist experts. They suggested limiting mobility, because mass movement of citizens has been proven to increase cases of corona. The proof is the soaring number of covid patients in June and July 2021, because many are desperate to go home or travel on last Eid.

The emergency PPKM was implemented because it was quite effective in reducing the number of Covid patients. Data from the covid task force team, when PPKM is implemented in 2020, the number of patients can be reduced by 50%. So to overcome the surge in patients, PPKM must be reinstated.

Why is the PPKM an emergency, not a lockdown? The reason is because the government has consulted with economic experts and according to them, the lockdown will have a negative impact on the economic sector. The reason is because within a week the lockdown requires trillions of rupiah in funds, so it is feared that it will even increase the state debt.

Emergency PPKM is a powerful way to reduce the number of corona patients, and this program is not a way to lock people up in their own homes. But the government actually saved them from getting corona when they were desperate to travel. It is natural that roads between cities and provinces are tightly guarded and blocked, so that those who dare to travel will be driven away.

The decision to implement emergency PPKM has gone through various studies and the government has consulted with economists, epidemiologists, etc. they hold discussions and make suggestions so that each point in the emergency PPKM will reduce the number of corona patients. Society will be saved from this dangerous disease.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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