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The Importance of Using Masks to Prevent Corona Transmission


By: Edi Jatmiko )*

Corona transmission is increasing and the number of patients in Indonesia has reached 111,000. This is very sad, because the pandemic has not yet ended. To prevent transmission, the government always reminds everyone to wear a mask. Because corona can already spread through the air.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, health protocols, such as obliging washing hands, maintaining distance, and wearing masks, have continued to be echoed. Both through TV, radio, internet and SMS. Especially the rules for wearing masks. Now it is an obligation, because corona is not only transmitted through droplets. But attacks via dirty and stuffy air.

Unfortunately, nowadays more and more people are reluctant to wear masks. They argued that wearing masks was stuffy and troublesome, so they just left at home. There are also those who argue that he already uses a faceshield so he doesn’t need a mask. Even though the current faceshield cannot protect against the dangers of corona.

Doctor Reisa Broto Asmoro stated that the success of wearing new masks occurs when at least 70% of people in an environment wear them. If not, it will be useless. Because the covid-19 virus can still spread. Especially when many people do not wear masks and gather in groups, ignoring physical distancing. The protocol violation is complete.

To solve this problem, the government imposes fines or sanctions for people who do not wear masks. They have to pay up to 250,000 rupiah or have to do social work. This rule is quite effective because many people finally remember to wear a mask when they are outside the home. They do not want to be subjected to syringes and warnings from the authorities.

Mask raids were also carried out at busy points, for example at crossroads and in densely populated areas. The funny thing is, there are residents who are afraid of being caught when they are caught not wearing a mask and running away to the rice fields. The officers just shook their heads to see their behavior, because it was both ridiculous and sad, because they were adults but did not orderly wear masks.

Children are also required to wear masks, whether they are invited to travel by motorcycle or car. When playing at home a friend must also wear a mask. There are many choices of children’s masks that are small in size but have attractive designs, and can be found in online shops. Children will be happy to wear them and imitate their parents who wear masks orderly.

Masks still have to be worn both on the go and in the office. Because we do not know the air in any area that has been infected by corona. Offices can also potentially be a new corona cluster. So everyone must be vigilant and adhere to health protocols, especially the mandatory use of clean cloth masks.

The use of masks is also mandatory even in areas where there are no corona patients. Even though your city is already in a green zone, the status can change to yellow or even red. So many new corona patients. Wearing a mask can prevent more people from becoming infected with the virus, so wear it and don’t be the next patient.

More and more people without symptoms suddenly become infected with the Covid-19 virus and then cannot be saved. So always remember to wear a mask. Besides, the price is also affordable and you can buy according to your taste. Want to wear a strap-on mask or one with a rubber band attached to the ear. There are also scuba masks and pleated fabric masks.

Don’t underestimate corona and take off your mask, just for fear of looking ugly. Now there are more and more fashionable masks. Even the bride and groom also have a special mask that is beautifully designed but can still protect the body from the dangers of corona.

Masks are things that look trivial but can fortify themselves from corona. Never remove the mask when outside the house. Do not also wear it only on the go but in the office removed. Because it is precisely in an office room that is full of air conditioning, the circulation is lacking, and it has the potential to become a place of transmission for corona.

)* Active writer in the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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