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The Importance of Youth Awareness Supports the Success of Handling Covid-19


By: Sidiq Permana (Chairman of the Sidoarjo City Regional Independent Social Media Activist Forum)

The young generation is the most optimal time to create a change, because they have the most energy, the many opportunities, and a high idealistic vision of change. So naturally, it is the youth who are the driving agents in almost every major change in this world.

If we remember Bung Karno’s words about the essence of the younger generation, “give me 10 youths, then I will shake the world”, has reaffirmed the great role of youth in every era. From the era of the independence revolution to reform to the millennial era, which has now entered the life of New Habit Adaptation, the important role of youth in carrying out change as the front guard in campaigning for the Covid-19 pandemic prevention movement is always awaited by all human souls anywhere in the world.

Now the face of the world has begun to change, in today’s New Adaptation of Habits, young people who are often referred to as the millennial generation are actually very easy to move opinions about health, they can easily disseminate information about health protocols through existing social media channels.

Therefore, the position of youth with its role as social control is currently very much needed, with various kinds of movement ideas and innovative activities related to prevention or health promotion campaigns that will be very useful in preventing the explosion of the Covid-19 case.

Millennial generation has their own way that is considered more effective in providing information. In addition, millennials are considered to be able to think critically in all situations, in this case youth can socialize properly and properly in the midst of precarious situations like now. They can provide education in ways that are attractive to the public.

With the fighting spirit of the millennial generation, let’s succeed various national Covid-19 prevention programs through literacy and education steps to support the successful handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the successful Adaptation of New Habits can create community optimism and productivity in the midst of a pandemic.

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