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The Job Creation Law Guarantees Legal Certainty and Ease of Investment


By: Ruli Ramadhan )*

The Job Creation Law is a regulation that is awaited by a number of parties, especially business actors because there are investment clusters that guarantee legal certainty. The existence of the Ciptaker Law is also expected to facilitate investment which has been hampered by overlapping regulations.
Indonesia is known as a country that has the potential to be a place of investment. It has been proven that since decades ago, aka since the New Order era, there have been many foreign investors in this country. During the administration of President Jokowi, investment is growing because the door is wide open for foreign investors.

To further secure investors, the Job Creation Law was enacted as a definite legal protection. So, investors will be able to do business in Indonesia without any worries, because there is a clear and binding legal umbrella.

Legal certainty must be provided because investment projects in Indonesia are large-scale and have strong capital. Investors are willing to invest capital to build factories or start projects, because they believe that Indonesia is a country with potential. The proof is its abundant natural and human resources, as well as its strategic position.

Imagine if there was no Job Creation Law as a legal umbrella, investors would not necessarily want to come to Indonesia to invest their capital. The reason is, they are afraid that when they build a factory, it turns out that there is a verse in the law that has been changed. This becomes very horror because everything is so messed up.

However, when there is a Job Creation Law with investment clusters, it becomes a guarantee for foreign investors that investing in Indonesia is very safe, comfortable, and permit processing is accelerated, because it is based online. In addition, licensing is made easier and no longer long-winded as in the New Order era.

Guarantees for foreign investors (investors) must be given, because they are willing to spend capital for Indonesia. The safety factor for them is number one, and legal protection is the main thing. Do not let there be a rubber article or misuse by unscrupulous persons so as to damage trust.

Trust is expensive and investors fortunately choose to trust the government, so they don’t hesitate to enter Indonesia. They want to invest because President Jokowi himself provides security guarantees for investors.

If there is trust, the projects will run smoothly and factories will be built. We will rise after being hit by the pandemic and survive the threat of a recession. Development can be continued with the return on investment and foreign exchange profits that come in.

The government has avoided the classic way to build, namely by way of debt, the article will burden the people in the future. Therefore, investments are chosen to be safer and provide real results. If debt accumulates, it can cause various negative consequences, ranging from the threat of inflation to the second volume of the economic crisis, even leading to bankruptcy.

Therefore, investment continues to be encouraged so that there is an even distribution of development, not only in Java but also in Kalimantan and other islands. Investors also want to invest outside Java. The reason is because there is clear legal certainty and the infrastructure there is adequate, thus facilitating mobility.

The Job Creation Act is designed to make licensing easier and includes investment clusters that are superior. With this cluster, there is an official guarantee for investors so that they will no longer hesitate to invest in Indonesia, so it is hoped that it will open up greater employment.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Media

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